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Groot nieuws: Claessen Orchids & Plants vernieuwt haar webshop!

Great news: Claessen Orchids & Plants renews its webshop!

Best orchid and plant lovers, we have fantastic news for you! Our web shops and are completely renewed to make yo...
De meest zeldzame kleuren bloemen van orchideeën

The most rare colors of flowers of orchids

Orchids occur in a wide range of colors and the rarity of a certain color can depend on the species or cultivar. However, some orchid colors are ge...
Fysieke winkel


In addition to a webshop, we also have a physical store for enthusiastic plant lovers! We are a specialist in the field of tropical plants and orch...
Save €5,00
Monstera obliqua PeruMonstera obliqua Peru
Monstera obliqua Peru
Special price€29,95 Normal price€34,95
Save €30,00
Philodendron strawberry shake (Selection 1)
Philodendron strawberry shake (Selection 1)
Special price€79,95 Normal price€109,95
Save €40,00
Philodendron Pedatum Violin VariegatedPhilodendron Pedatum Violin Variegated
Philodendron Pedatum Violin Variegated
Special price€149,95 Normal price€189,95
Save €10,00
Hoya rangsan ''Splash''Hoya rangsan ''Splash''
Hoya rangsan ''Splash''
Special price€39,95 Normal price€49,95
Philodendron Florida GREEN/BeautyPhilodendron Florida GREEN/Beauty
Philodendron Florida GREEN/Beauty
Special price€24,95
Save €7,00
Hoya thomsoniiHoya thomsonii
Hoya thomsonii
Special price€27,95 Normal price€34,95
Save €5,00
Hoya Polyneura Variegated (Fish-Tail Hoya)Hoya Polyneura Variegated (Fish-Tail Hoya)
Hoya Polyneura Variegated (Fish-Tail Hoya)
Special price€19,95 Normal price€24,95
Save €4,00
Monstera obliqua Peru ''Big Plant''Monstera obliqua Peru ''Big Plant''
Monstera obliqua Peru ''Big Plant''
Special price€42,95 Normal price€46,95
Save €20,00
Philodendron Pedatum Violin Less VariegatedPhilodendron Pedatum Violin Less Variegated
Philodendron Pedatum Violin Less Variegated
Special price€119,95 Normal price€139,95
Save €20,00
Philodendron Caramel Marble (Camouflage)Philodendron Caramel Marble (Camouflage)
Philodendron Caramel Marble (Camouflage)
Special price€59,95 Normal price€79,95
Save €15,00
Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 2/3 leaves)Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 2/3 leaves)
Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 2/3 leaves)
Special price€54,95 Normal price€69,95
Save €5,00
Epipremnum amplissimum variegated aurea
Epipremnum amplissimum variegated aurea
Special price€34,95 Normal price€39,95