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Philodendron "Ring Of Fire" 4 Leaves

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  • Deze plant heeft mooie gevlekte bladeren.
  • Deze plant is geschikt voor terrarium.
  • Deze plant is zeer geschikt om een beter klimaat rond de orchideeën de creëren.
  • Deze plant kan ook functioneren als hangplant in de woonkamer
  • Deze plant vereist weinig aandacht.
  • Deze plant zuivert de lucht
  • Deze plant is kort geleden geïmporteerd en heeft wat beschadigingen op het blad. (dit groeit eruit)
  • Deze plant is net geïmporteerd en moet nog gaan groeien.
  • Let op! Planten en Orchideeën zijn levende organismen die een goede verzorging nodig hebben.

Keep in mind that these leaves are more sensitive to transport. We do our utmost to pack them carefully and well!

This plant in the picture is an example of what the plant might look like with good care. The plant you will receive has 3 to 5 leaves.

The Philodendron Ring of fire is one of the most wanted Philodendrons. It is a slow-growing plant but this is well worth the wait. This plant can reach a height of one meter and the leaves can reach 25 to 30 cm. The colours on the new leaves can vary. In addition to the green hues, the leaves can have orange and red to pink hues. The plant was originally called Henderson's Pride, after its breeder Keith Henderson. But the name Ring of Fire remained. This plant was probably created by crossing the Philodendron wendlandii and Philodendron tortum or polypodioides (nowadays a rare plant).

The name Philodendron is derived from the Greek words "philo" (love) and "dendron" (tree). This classic plant is one of the most popular indoor plants.

In addition to being easy to maintain, the Philodendron is an air-purifying plant. To take advantage of the air-purifying properties, you can place at least one Philodendron on every 10 m² and let it do what it naturally does. The Philodendron can be slightly toxic to pets and small children, so make sure that they cannot reach the plant.

There are around 400 species of Philodendrons, which belongs to the Arumeae family (Araceae). Philodendron species originate mainly from the rainforest of South America and the Caribbean. The plant was first described in 1644, but only got its official name in 1829. The Philodendron family is a large one, with plants in various shapes, sizes and colours.

The Philodendron cannot tolerate temperatures below 10 degrees. The ideal temperature for this plant is 16-24°C. Temperatures higher than that can slow the growth of the plants. This Philodendron is not demanding in terms of location. As long as it is not placed directly in the bright sunlight. Philodendron can be placed as a houseplant or in the summer on the terrace as a garden plant. They tolerate a lower light level, but if longer pieces of stalk grow between the leaves and the plant

appears stretched out, you may need to move the plant to a brighter location. Older leaves turn yellow naturally. However, if you see several yellow leaves at the same time, this may be an indication that the plant gets too much direct sun.

This Philodendron uses little water, but it is important that the soil stays slightly moist and does not dry out. The Philodendron Ring of fire is sensitive to too much water. Always check the soil to see if it is not too wet. If so, wait a while for watering. Only give new water when the top layer of the soil feels dry. At colder temperatures, the plant needs less water, otherwise it can rot. At warm temperatures the water will dry up faster. Hanging leaves can indicate that the plant gets too much or too little water, but that they must revive once the problem has been solved.

Philodendrons are tropical plants, so higher humidity will promote lush growth and shiny foliage. It tolerates lower humidity levels. Brown leaf tips may indicate that the humidity is too low or that the plant is getting too little water. If your Philodendron gets brown leaves, this is probably because it gets too much water. Yellowish leaves that are limp can be a sign that the plant receives too much direct light at its current location. You can safely cut off brown leaves at the branch on the stem, the plant will eventually grow new leaves.

With Philodendrons, spraying the leaves is not recommended, this will stain the beautiful leaves and could even cause infections. If your home or office is very dry in the winter, place your Philodendron near a humidifier or place it on a wet gravel bin. We have two types of humidifier in our range, which you can find here:



We have this Philodendron in a substrate made of peat. The Philodendron Ring of fire does not grow quickly, but as with all plants, it is wise to give the plant a larger pot once every few years. This allows the roots to grow further and some fresh soil also gives the plant extra nutrients. Repotting is best done in the last part of winter or just before spring when the plant starts to get new leaves. Philodendrons require relatively little fertilization, it is important to dilute fertilization well so that the salts do not accumulate.



Geslacht Philodendron
Plantstadium Volwassen, dit houdt in dat de plant de mogelijkheid heeft om een scheut te kunnen maken waar, bij goede verzorging, de bloei zal verschijnen.
Bloeiend Nee
Potmaat 12
Medium Turf mix (Voor Araceae)
Temperatuur (°C) (10,5 - 16,5°C), (16,5 - 24,5°C), (24,5 >°C)
Lichtintensiteit Daglicht
Hoogte (cm) 25 t/m 30
Luchtvochtigheid (%) 40 - 90


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Groot-Brittannië (exl. Gibraltar, kanaaleilanden) 2 tot 3 Werkdagen
Hongarije 3 tot 4 Werkdagen
Ierland 3 tot 5 Werkdagen
Italië ( excl.San Marino en Vaticaanstad) 3 tot 6 Werkdagen
Letland 4 tot 5 Werkdagen
Litouwen 4 tot 5 Werkdagen
Luxemburg 2 Werkdagen
Oostenrijk 3 tot 4 Werkdagen
Polen 3 tot 5 Werkdagen
Portugal ( incl. Azoren en Madeira) 3 tot 5 Werkdagen
Roemenië 4 tot 5 Werkdagen
Slovenië 4 tot 5 Werkdagen
Slowakije 3 tot 5 Werkdagen
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Zweden 2 tot 4 Werkdagen
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