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Monstera adansonii variegated aurea nr 5 (Leaf cutting, with 2 new leaves and yellow stripes in the stem)

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  • ette plante se développera lentement dans un terrarium (tel qu’un creeper)
  • Cette plante poursuit compacte.
  • Cette plante grandit et fleurit très aisément dans la salle de séjour.
  • Cette plante est appropriée pour un terrarium.
  • Cette plante est tres appropriée pour créer un meilleur climat pour les orchidées.
  • Cette plante peut fonctionner comme une plante suspendue dans le salle de séjour.
  • Cette plante demande peu d’attention.
  • Cette plante purifie de l’air.
  • Attention! Des plantes et des orchidées sont des organismes vivants et ont besoin des bien soins.
  • Let op! Variegata planten zijn gevoeliger voor transport. De lichtere kleur zorgt ervoor dat het blad veel zachter is.


This is an extremely rare variant of the Monstera adansonii: The Monstera adansonii Variegated Aurea. 

 Just like the Monstera Variegata, this plant is a climbing plant and can climb up with the right guidance (for example by a moss stick) with its aerial roots. So it’s possible to play with and experiment with different surfaces and obstacles for the plant. Just like the Monstera deliciosa Variegata, this plant has spotted leaves and with its beautiful holey leaves it belongs to the Araceae. Just like the Deliciosa, this plant is an ait-purifying plant, but with the beautiful yellow spots, this plant is much, much rarer than the Monstera Variegata plants. Also, this species of spotted monstera is an even more unique and popular plant. 

The fact that the plant can get yellow spots is in this plant’s DNA. This plant can therefore get more yellow spots in the new leaves. With proper care and conditions, the plant can make new leaves with yellow spots. Leaves of this plant can grow to about 45 centimeters long in the rainforest! 

The Rare Monstera adansonii veriegated aurea will develop more pigment in the variegation when the leaves get older. So the yellow has to develop in the leaves. After a month, the yellow will be more visible than before.

This plant likes a space with higher humidity like the bathroom. However, keep in mind that there must be a window in this room, because the plant likes to be in a slightly lighter place than the regular Monstera adansonii. We therefore recommend placing the plant in a somewhat lighter place with normal to higher humidity. This is because the plant originates from a rainforest. In a higher humidity, the plant always feels better and will grow better. In addition, the plant needs more sunlight than the regular adansonii, because it produces fewer chloroplasts due to the yellow spots in the leaf. 

When it comes to watering, this plant likes regular care (watering once a week). The plant likes a slightly moist soil, but it does not like wet soil. In summer you can water the plant a little more than in winter. During the period that the plant is growing (March to October) you can provide the plant with some extra plant food twice a week. In addition, it is advisable to replace the potting soil every year. 

The plant feels best when you mimic the natural environment of the plant. In a drier environment, the use of a humidifier is therefore a good option. This plant does not like to be in a cold room! 

Despite the fact that the regular adansonii is a fairly simple plant to keep, this version is slightly more sensitive due to its yellow spots. 

We supply this plant with 2 a 3 leaves and with roots. Warning! The image of the plant is an example of what the plant may look like with proper care. Therefore it is not a picture of the plant you will receive. So this is not exactly the plant you will receive at home. Each plant is different and may differ slightly from a variety of spots.

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Sincerely,Rik Claessen

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Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Genre Monstera
Stade de la plante Adulte signifie que la plante a la capacité d’être en mesure de faire des vagues où, en bon état, la floraison apparaîtra.
Floraison Non
Taille de pot 15
Moyen Tourbe mix (For Araceae)
Température (°C) (16,5 - 24,5°C), (24,5 >°C)
Intensité lumineuse Lumière du jour
Humidité (%) 40 - 80


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