Waarom heeft mijn orchidee bruine vlekken op de bladeren?

Orchids are beautiful and elegant plants that add a touch of beauty and grace to any interior. But like other plants, orchids can sometimes experience brown spots on their leaves, which can diminish their aesthetic appeal. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to prevent and treat these problems so that your orchids remain healthy and beautiful.

Sunlight and the amount

Orchids thrive best in bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight can cause the leaves to burn, which can manifest as brown spots. Make sure your orchids are protected from too bright sunlight by placing them in a spot where they benefit from bright, but filtered light.

Dosing watering

Both too much and too little water can cause brown spots on orchid leaves. Be sure to water orchids regularly, but avoid leaving the roots in water for too long. Let the potting soil dry thoroughly between waterings to prevent root rot, but don't keep the plant dry for too long either.

Increase humidity

Orchids thrive in a humid environment. If the humidity is too low, the leaves may develop brown spots. Increase the humidity around your orchids by using a humidifier or placing a saucer with water under the pot. This will help keep the leaves healthy and hydrated.

Diseases and pests.

Brown spots can also be caused by diseases such as fungi or bacteria, or by pests such as spider mites. Inspect your orchids regularly for signs of pests or diseases, such as discolored leaves, deformities or cobweb-like structures. Treat any problems quickly and effectively with appropriate fungicides or insecticides to prevent further damage.

Recently imported

One reason orchids may have some slight damage when an order arrives from an online store, for example, may be due to import damage. This damage is usually nothing to worry about. Most orchids are grown in Asia and shipped from there to here. During that trip, the plant may start to feel uncomfortable and express this in spots. But this usually recovers quite easily if the plant is then properly cared for. Did you order a plant somewhere and you are not sure if this is the reason? Then please contact the customer service.


It is crucial to identify the cause of brown spots on your orchids so that you can take the right measures to solve the problem and keep your plants healthy. With proper care and attention, orchids can continue to thrive and beautify your home with their beautiful flowers and lush foliage.


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