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Calanthe sieboldii

Flowering: No

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The Calanthes originate mainly in Japan. There are almost 200 species, most of them occur in the Far East.
You will find different types of Calanthe even in Central America, tropical Africa and Australia.
The name is a contraction of the Greek words Kalos (beautiful) and Anthos (flower). The flowers of Calanthe are indeed very beautiful,
and there is probably no other type of orchid with such an enormous variety of colours and shades.
In addition, there are species that have a very pleasant smell.
In Japan especially the Calanthe has a large number of enthusiasts who even enter their plants for competitions. The Japanese name is Ebine.

The Calanthe sieboldii, also known as the Calanthe kawakamii, is a hardy yellow Calanthe. This Calanthe originated out of Japan and distinguishes itself by the bright yellow flowers. The plant usually flowers in the months April/May and can grow up to be 50 cm high! The plant is hardy up to about -10 degrees Celcius. In case the temperature drops below -10, we recommend to cover up the plant well.

This plant does well in open ground as well as in a pot and requires halfshadow. The Calanthe sieboldii cheers up every garden in spring!

  • This plant is in bloom for a long time (6 weeks to 3 months)
  • This plant flowers excessively.
  • This plant flowers very frequently.
  • This plant grows and blooms easily in a living room.
  • Pay attention! Plants and orchids are living organisms that need good care.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Genus Calanthe
Plant stage Adult means that the plant has the ability to create a sprout which will start blooming in case of good care.
Flowering No
Pot size 12
Medium Bark-peat mix
Temperature (°C) (-5,0 - 5,0°C), (5,0 - 10,5°C), (10,5 - 16,5°C), (16,5 - 24,5°C), (24,5 >°C)
Light intensity Daylight
Heigth (cm) 35 t/m 40
Age (Year) 4
Grown from (Year) 4
Flowering period Autumn, Spring
Humidity (%) 30 - 90
Winter hardy Yes
Flowering frequency One to three times per year


Country Delivery time
Belgium 1 day
Bulgaria 4 - 6 days
Denmark 2 - 3 days
Germany 2 days
Estonia 5 days
Finland 4 - 5 days
France 2 - 3 days
United Kingdom 2 - 3 days
Hungary 3 - 4 days
Ireland 3 - 5 days
Italy 3 - 6 days
Latvia 4 - 5 days
Lithuania 4 - 5 days
Luxemburg 2 days
Austria 3 - 4 days
Poland 3 - 5 days
Portugal 3 - 5 days
Romania 4 - 5 days
Slovenia 4 - 5 days
Slovakia 3 - 5 days
Spain 3 - 5 days
Czech Republic 3 - 5 days
Sweden 2 - 4 days
Greece 4 - 7 days
* The delivery time is an indication.

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