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Calanthe triplicata "Rose"

Flowering: No

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Product Description


  • The plant can possibly grow multiple flower clusters.

The Calanthe triplicate is part of the Orchidaceae family. This plant is also known as the Christmas Orchid! The Calanthe triplicate is an earthly plant that derives from Asia, Oceania and islands from Africa. This orchid can be found in areas with rich soils or rain forests, near creeks and on heights from about 500-1500 metre. The name Calanthe derives from the Greek ‘kalos’, which means pretty and ‘anthos’, which means flowers. The name summarizes this plant perfectly; an orchid with pretty flowers!

The Calanthe triplicate is an appealing, evergreen plant and a fairly large orchid. The leaves are deep green with ridges and can grow up to about 50cm long and 15cm wide. Every orchid has around 4-10 leaves growing from the pseudobulb.

The characteristic of the Calanthe is the meeting of the column and the lip. The flowers grow in a cluster of about 18-40 flowers of 2-5 cm! in our assortment you will find different colours of this beautiful and special plant. With amongst others the classic white Calanthe Triplicata and other varieties this plant is a must-have for your living room!

  • This plant keeps growing new flowers on the same flower branch.
  • This plant is in bloom for a long time (6 weeks to 3 months)
  • This plant flowers very frequently.
  • This plant grows and blooms easily in a living room.
  • Pay attention! Plants and orchids are living organisms that need good care.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Genus Calanthe
Plant stage Adult means that the plant has the ability to create a sprout which will start blooming in case of good care.
Flowering No
Pot size 9.5
Medium Bark, fraction 2
Temperature (°C) (16,5 - 24,5°C), (24,5 >°C)
Light intensity Daylight
Humidity (%) 40 - 80
Flowering frequency One to three times per year


Country Delivery time
Belgium 1 day
Bulgaria 4 - 6 days
Denmark 2 - 3 days
Germany 2 days
Estonia 5 days
Finland 4 - 5 days
France 2 - 3 days
United Kingdom 2 - 3 days
Hungary 3 - 4 days
Ireland 3 - 5 days
Italy 3 - 6 days
Latvia 4 - 5 days
Lithuania 4 - 5 days
Luxemburg 2 days
Austria 3 - 4 days
Poland 3 - 5 days
Portugal 3 - 5 days
Romania 4 - 5 days
Slovenia 4 - 5 days
Slovakia 3 - 5 days
Spain 3 - 5 days
Czech Republic 3 - 5 days
Sweden 2 - 4 days
Greece 4 - 7 days
* The delivery time is an indication.

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