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Our mailbox is overloaded.

We would like to ask you to take this into account and to only email if necessary. For more information about delays, Corona or Frost insurances, see our homepage. We hope for your understanding and cooperation. Thanks in advance!

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Open every friday from 9:30 - 12:30.

The assortment in the store is mainly limited to tropical (green) plants. Orchids are very limited here.

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About Claessen Orchids and Plants BV

Claessen Orchids and Plants BV opened her doors in march of 2006 in Nederweert-Eind. Claessen Orchids and Plants BV has participated in diverse large exhibitions since 2006 and tours of the company are given frequently. The enterprise of Rik Claessen (1985) originated out of a hobby that got out of hand. It started with decorating a terrarium, which resulted in a great passion for orchids and tropical plants getting the overhand after a short period of time. He has continued with this passion and he loves to share it with you!