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Dendrobium nobile var. alba "Virginalis" "Big Plant"

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Product Description


  • This plant flowers excessively.
  • This plant grows and blooms easily in a living room.
  • This plant can also function as a hanging plant in the living room.
  • This plant requires little attention.
  • Pay attention! Plants and orchids are living organisms that need good care.

The Dendrobium nobile was first described by John Lindley in 1830. A couple of years later, the plant was brought in bloom for the first time at the nursery of Loddiges Hackney, England. It’s one of the most popular Dendrobiums and appears in Southeast Asia, the Himalaya, Malaysia, South-China and Japan.

The long, upstanding, fleshy stems can vary from 30 to 75 cm long. The flowers can be 6 to 8 cm in width and the colour can vary a lot, depending on the origin of the plant. In general, the petals and sepals are coloured white to lightpink with a dark pink to purple spot at the top. The lip is white with a large dark purple spot in the throat with a light yellow edge.

A fun fact about the Dendrobium nobile; it has been used in the traditional Chinese medicine for ages! The stem of the Dendrobium nobile is used as cure for symptoms like abdominal pain, headache, dry mouth and abscesses in the mouth.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Genus Dendrobium
Plant stage Adult means that the plant has the ability to create a sprout which will start blooming in case of good care.
Flowering No
Pot size 12
Medium Bark, fraction 4
Temperature (°C) (16,5 - 24,5°C), (24,5 >°C)
Light intensity Daylight to bright light
Humidity (%) 30 - 80
Flowering frequency One to three times per year


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