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Frost insurance

Message posted: 13-01-2020

Claessen Orchids pays a lot of attention to the way your order is processed. All orders are packed very carefully to minimize the chance of possible damage during transport. We also guarantee safe delivery in winter when using Frost insurance (at €2.95 per plant).
If you choose Frost insurance, we carefully check the weather forecasts for the place of destination (the delivery address as entered by you). On this we base which insulation materials and packing method are the most suitable for the plants in your order. Did you receive an insured plant with cold damage, despite our efforts? Please notify us as soon as possible but at least within 5 days after receipt, so that we can offer a suitable solution in consultation with you. We would like to ask you kindly to add clear pictures of the damaged plant(s).
Choose the coverage
Because some plants are more resistant to cold temperatures than others, you choose yourself how many plants in your order you want to insure against cold damage. In other words, how often you wish to add Frost insurance (at €2.95) to your order. So it is possible to insure all plants (by adding the same number of Frost insurances as the number of plants in your order) or to insure only a few of the plants. You can add the Frost insurance(s) to your order in the shopping cart.
'Warmest' plant
Do you want to insure only a part of the plants in your order against cold damage? Then you do not have to indicate in advance which specific plants these are, it will apply to the 'warmest' plant(s) in you order. In other words, the plants that are naturally the least resistant to cold temperatures. Therefore, when placing the order, only entering the correct quantity is important.
Pay attention!
Before you complete your order, carefully check whether you have added the desired number of Frost insurances, because we are not able to offer a full reimbursement for a non-insured plant. Please keep in mind that plants are not covered by the right of withdrawal since they are perishable goods. As the name implies, frost insurance only applies to damage caused by cold.

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Frost insurance