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Jewel Orchids

This page is meant to give you information and some useful tips about the care of Jewel orchids. You will also find all the Jewel species we offer in our assortment.

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These orchids deserve a separate category on our webshop because they have very special leaves. Jewel orchids are especially known for their textured leaves with sometimes different colours, for example reddish. The shimmering in (the veins of) the leaves makes these plants extra special and unique compared to other plant friends at your home!

Jewel orchids are best known for their red and green textured leaves, which have shimmering veins and a velvety surface. These plants grow white or pale yellow flowers, usually during Winter or very early Spring.

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Care tips


Jewel orchids naturally grow on the bottom of the rainforest, so they don't like too much light. In fact, too much sunlight can wash away their characteristic shiny leaf colours. Jewel orchids are kept indoors as a houseplant. Forget everything you have learned about growing orchids, as this cannot be compared. Jewel orchids are earthy, which means that they do not like to have bare roots.


It is a thermophilic plant so it likes warmth. These plants are therefore very sensitive to cold temperatures! Throughout the year, the average desired day temperature is 21.5-29°C and the average desired night temperature is 16.5-19°C. These plants must be kept in a place where they do not get too much temperature fluctuations. The plants must not be exposed to direct sunlight and constant air movement is desirable.


We advise a humidity between 60% and 90%. This differs per species within the gender


These plants are sensitive to moisture on the leaves. So spraying is not advisable, as drops of water will then get on the leaves. They need water about once a week. It is important to allow the soil to dry slightly before watering again. But the substrate must never dry completely! When watering, it is important that the water is clean and lukewarm, not cold. These plants prefer filtered water. Never give stagnant water to your plants. For these plants, osmosis water is the best; this is highly purified water. This is not a must but it simplifies the care.


Jewel orchids need to be fertilized in order to bloom. The fertilization is necessary because there is too little sunlight here to produce the sugars that the plants need to grow and bloom. During the active growth, the plants must be fertilized regularly with some fertilizer for orchids. These species require calcium in particular, which strengthens the plant.


We strongly advise against using potting soil for jewel orchids. They need airy material which can be coconut fiber, sphagnum or a peat mixture.