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This page is meant to give you information and some useful tips about the care of the Masdevallia. You will also find all the Masdevallia species we offer in our assortment.

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Derivation of the name

The name Masdevallia was dedicated in 1794 by botanics Hipólito Ruiz en José Antonio Pavón to Jose Masdeval, who was a doctor and botanic at the court of Karel the Third of Spain.

Features and origin

Masdevallia is a gender with around 590 species that occur from Mexico to the South of Brazil, but predominantly in the areas with a higher altitude (2500-4000m) of the Andes of Ecuador and Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. They are epiphytes, terrestrial plants and lithophytes that grow on humid rocks.
The plants have crawling rhizomes, with stems without pseudobulbs growing out of them. These stems carry one oval- to lancet-shaped leaf each. The flowers are triangular and grow separately at one stem, or in a bunch. They have a wax-like flower calyx and a reduced flower crown. The sepals are connected to each other at the base and often have long shooters. The petals are situated across the gynostemium, that has a flexible tongue-shaped lip.

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Care tips


Masdevallia need a place with much shadow and a high humidity. In winter, they should get as much light as possible. In summer, Masdevallia can also be kept outside on a fairly sheltered place.


In summer, the temperature shouldn’t be higher than 24°C by day. During the night, the temperature should drop to around 10°C. During the winter, a constant temperature of in between 10℃ and 18,5°C is ideal.


We advise a humidity in between 50-85%. This varies per species within the gender.


Keep the soil humid constantly. This means that you water the plant at the moment the soil has almost dried up. With colder temperature, make sure that the plant doesn’t get too much water.


During the period of growth in summer, use fertilizer once a month lightly.
The fertilizer is important, because there won’t be enough sunlight for the Masdevallia. Normally, the sunlight provides the Masdevallia with sugars that are essential to create the growth of flower branches. Therefore it’s harder for the Masdevallia to start blooming without the fertilizer.


Masdevallia require to be repotted every year, in spring, in either sphagnum or ‘seedling soil’.