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Angraecum aloifolium

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Product Description


  • This plant stays compact.
  • This plant grows and blooms easily in a living room.
  • This plant is suitable for a terrarium.
  • This plant can also function as a hanging plant in the living room.
  • Pay attention! Plants and orchids are living organisms that need good care.

Not for beginners.

The Angraecum aloifolium is a small plant that does not need a lot of space. It is an orchid with outstanding flowers and leaves. The leaves are thick and elongated. The flowers are white and have a wonderful scent. The plant could be put inside on the windowsill, but in that case misting twice a day is advisable.

Angraecum aloifolium was described by Hermans & P.J.Cribb in 1997. The plant originally grows in dry areas in Madagascar. In its natural environment, Angraecum aloifolium undergoes long periods of drought during the winter months. As a result, older plants in your home will appreciate a drier winter period, but younger plants may not yet be equipped to survive in such difficult growing conditions. A regular misting will do the plant well. Make sure that your plants grow in a place where they will receive clear light (build up intensity), high humidity and yet good air circulation. Down below you will find more information about the care of the plant.


It is a medium-sized plant that can reach a maximum of 10-15 cm in height. The thick, leathery leaves have a length of 4-5 cm. The plant will flower in the spring, approximately for 4 weeks. The white flowers have a diameter of up to 4 cm, with a spur of about 5 cm long.

Light intensity

The Angraecum aloifolium needs a light level of 4000/6000 to 15000 lux. The light level must be built up, otherwise the plant cannot process this and will come to a standstill or even burn. This is certainly a risk when it has been dark in the winter and the plant suddenly is put into a high light intensity in the spring. It is important to protect the plant against direct sunlight.

Temperature and humidity

In nature, these plants grow in a summer temperature of 27-29°C during the day and 22-23°C at night. In the winter, the average temperature is 24-25°C during the day and 19-21°C at night. However, the plants that we sell are cultivated varieties and are therefore more used to slightly lower (room) temperatures. We keep the plants in our nursery during the day at 21.5-28 °C, and during the night it can cool down to around 16.5 °C. This may be slightly higher, but in that case you should mind the humidity. The Angraecum grows in an average humidity of 70-80% in nature. In Europe it is possible to keep them in a humidity of 40-65% during the day as long as it rises to 70-90% at night.


During the growing period (March-October) it is best to give this orchid plenty of water, as soon as the substrate of the potted plant is dry. If the roots are exposed, they should be sprayed 1-2 times a day. Watering can be done more sporadically during the rest period. You can read more about the rest period later.


The best way to grow Angraecum aloifolium is mounted on wood or cork. In this case the plant needs a high humidity. If it is difficult for you to put the plant in high humidity, it is best to place it in a vase with medium-sized bark as substrate. It is important to regulate good air supply to the roots, since this plant species is sensitive to root rot.


If the plant is potted, it is best to use fertilizer with every 3rd moment of watering. If the plant is mounted and the roots exposed, the plant needs more fertilizer; namely about once a week. The fertilization must be stopped during the rest period.

Rest period

Angraecum aloifolium flowers after the rest period. In nature, the rest period is quite long and lasts from November to March. In cultivation, however, it is not appropriate to submit the plant to this stress, so the rest period takes 2 winter months. The advice is to reduce watering during this period to 1 time in 2 weeks for a mounted plant or once every 4 weeks for a potted plant. However, this depends on the conditions (such as temperature) in which the plant is put. It is necessary to mist every 3 to 4 days in the morning. The humidity can best stay above 70%. In the winter, the humidity level may be higher, but has to be built up slowly as well.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Genus Angraecum
Plant stage Seedling
Flowering No
Pot size 3.7
Medium Sphagnum
Temperature (°C) (16,5 - 24,5°C), (24,5 >°C)
Light intensity Daylight
Humidity (%) 40 - 80


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