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Philodendron gloriosum var giantea (Big Trunk)''Zebra with high contrast veining'' (Leaf Cutting )

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  • Cette plante a des feuilles tacheté tres jolie.
  • Cette plante est tres appropriée pour créer un meilleur climat pour les orchidées.
  • Cette plante demande peu d’attention.
  • Cette plante purifie de l’air.
  • Attention! Des plantes et des orchidées sont des organismes vivants et ont besoin des bien soins.
  • Cette plante a des taches à la feuille qui disparaître à bien soins.
  • Cette plante est importée récemment et a quelques de dommages à la feuille. (cela disparaîtra.)
  • Cette plante peut avoir des dommages mineures à le feuille par âge.

2/3 grote bladeren

The beautiful heart-shaped, deep green leaves of the Philodendron gloriosum really make it a 'glorious' plant as the name says. The leaf has a velvety appearance. As the leaves mature, the white veins become more pronounced. Philodendron gloriosum leaves are said to reach a size of 90 cm in their natural habitat.

Philodendron gloriosum is not a climbing plant, but a creeper. In nature they “crawl” over the forest grounds with their roots exposed. So at home, make sure that the roots are not buried in the ground. The Philodendron gloriosum is not a fast grower; from the moment a new shoot appears, you may have to wait a month or more until the new leaf is fully opened. The leaf then slowly darkens with more and more pronounced veins.

Philodendrons do best in loose, well-drained soil. They grow in sphagnum or in a mixture with peat and perlite.

When cultivating Philodendron plants, allow the top centimeter of soil to dry in between waterings. Hanging, droopy leaves can mean that the plant is getting too much or not enough water. But the leaves recover quickly when you correct it.

Place the Philodendron in a location with clear, indirect sunlight. Find a position near a window where the sun's rays never touch the foliage. Although it is normal for older leaves to turn yellow, the plant may receive too much light if this happens to several leaves at the same time. If the stems are long and stretched with a few centimeters between the leaves, the plant is probably not getting enough light. A shadow spot for the Philodendron gloriosum is sometimes recommended, but then the plant will not grow as well. The brighter the light (without direct sun!), The larger the leaves seem to grow.

The ideal temperature for this Philodendron is between 18 - 25°C during the day and around 16°C at night. Philodendron gloriosum does not tolerate temperatures below 13°C.

Feed Philodendron house plants with a balanced fertilizer, approximately monthly in Spring and Summer and every six to eight weeks in Autumn and Winter. With slow growth and small leaf size your plant tells you that it does not get enough fertilizer. A light blue hue on the leaves usually indicates that the plant does not get enough calcium and magnesium, which are essential micronutrients for Philodendrons. This can be added with, for example, the following fertilizer:

Philodendron is not sensitive to insects, but aphids or mealybugs might sometimes make their appearance. You can wipe mealybug with cotton buds soaked in disinfectant alcohol (ethanol).

Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Genre Philodendron
Stade de la plante Adulte signifie que la plante a la capacité d’être en mesure de faire des vagues où, en bon état, la floraison apparaîtra.
Floraison Non
Taille de pot Non
Moyen Tourbe mix (For Araceae)
Température (°C) (16,5 - 24,5°C), (24,5 >°C)
Intensité lumineuse Lumière du jour
Humidité (%) 40 - 90


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