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Phragmipedium Fritz Schomburg (Phrag. kovachii x Phrag. besseae)

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  • Diese Pflanze blüht lange (6 Wochen bis 3 Monate).
  • Diese Pflanze blüht überflüssig.
  • Diese Pflanze blüht häufig.
  • Diese Pflanze wachst und blüht einfach im Wohnzimmer.
  • Diese Pflanze bietet sich auch als Hängepflanze im Wohnzimmer an.
  • Diese Pflanze steht gerne an einem kühlen Platz
  • Achtung! Pflanzen und Orchideen sind lebende Organismen die eine gute Versorgung brauchen.

Phragmipedium kovachii x Phragmipedium besseae

This hybrid combines the compact besseae with the beautiful large flowers of the kovachii. The colour of the flowers is also a mix and this has turned reddish pink. The added advantage of this combination is the care; this hybrid is easier to maintain than the Phragmipedium besseae itself.

The plants both come from Peru and flower especially in the spring. With the right care and circumstances, this hybrid can flower frequently and for a long time.

Phragmipedium kovachii x besseae requires medium light and should not be kept in direct sunlight. The plant likes more light in winter. It also grows in less light, but much slower. The brighter the light is, the more intense the flower colour becomes. The light intensity must be built up and young seedling plants need less light than adult plants.

The optimum minimum temperature is approximately 10°C. The maximum standard temperature may not exceed 30°C. Higher temperatures up to 40°C are tolerated for short periods, but then the humidity must be increased by (for example) misting. A good air flow is also important. If the daytime temperatures are higher than 35-40°C, the light exposure must be reduced by placing the plant in the shade, for example. They are most comfortable at slightly cool to average temperatures such as 18-25°C during the day and 10-12°C at night. Ensure that the temperature difference between day and night temperature is 6-8°C.

These plants must be kept moist throughout the year and must not dry out. They can be kept a bit drier in the winter. In warm weather, some growers have the plant pots in shallow water containers, about 2 cm deep. In summer (in warm weather) the plants can be watered every 2 to 3 days. But in the winter, depending on the pot mix and weather conditions, they may only need water every 7-14 days.

Phragmipedium kovachii likes high humidity, preferably around 70%. Proper air flow is then important. The plant must be able to dry up in between watering to prevent rot. Fans can be used to increase air flow, this may be necessary if fungal or bacterial diseases are a problem.

This Phragmipedium is best grown in deeper pots. We keep this plant in a substrate of bark. This can be mixed with perlite or vermiculite. This ensures that the water is retained longer and therefore also the nutrients. It also keeps the soil structure airy and oxygen-rich, so that plants can easily create roots. It is recommended to repot the plant every year or so. Keep the pot size as small as possible, just big enough for the roots.

It is recommended to feed the plant once every 2 to 3 weeks with a fertilizer for orchids such as this:


Giving the correct dosage of fertilizer improves the color of the flowers. This dosage depends on substrate and watering.

Water, humidity and fertilization can be limited in the winter. The amount of light may be maintained.



Gattung Phragmipedium
Pflanzenstadium Volwassen, dit houdt in dat de plant de mogelijkheid heeft om een scheut te kunnen maken waar, bij goede verzorging, de bloei zal verschijnen.
Blüte Nein
Topfgröße 12
Medium Bark, Fraktion 4
Temperatur (°C) (10,5 - 16,5°C), (16,5 - 24,5°C), (24,5 >°C)
Lichtintensität Tageslicht zu viel Licht
Luftfeuchtigkeit (%) 40 - 90
Blührythmus Ein bis drei Mal im Jahr


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