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Vanda coerulea

Flowering: No

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Product Description


One of the most special colours in the orchid world is the colour blue. The Vanda coerulea is, besides the Vanda coerulescens, the only botanic Vanda with this gorgeous blue colour!

The Vanda coerulea naturally occurs at the southern flanks of the Himalaya, at an altitude approximately 1400 metres. This specific species has grown to be so rare in nature, that it belongs to the CITES treaty. This means that you can only own the plant, if you’ve obtained it in a legal way. People who import this plant out of Thailand require to have a CITES-license for this plant. In the CITES-treaty are rules that you have to obey. If you don’t obey, you don’t get the license. An important issue in this license is that you have to be able to prove that the plant is cultivated in a lab instead of out of nature.

The appearance of the Vanda coerulea has become very rare in nature. Luckily, this species is very much loved in Thailand (and beyond). For that reason, this species is grown in labs on a regular basis. The plant has even been cloned into multiple different types. White editions (alba), pink editions and even semi alba editions have originated from this. The alba editions are extremely rare. They don’t have any colour pigmentation in the flower, which means that this species is much harder to keep than the normal edition. These colours can occur in nature.

The multiple seedlings don’t only result in special colours, but also in deviations of diamond shapes in the flower or deviations in size of the flower. Some hybrids also won a prize: the AOS (American Orchid Society). This means the plant has won at a show.

The Vanda coerulea has gorgeous blue folwers. The plant is used a lot to create blue hybrids with other Vanda & Ascocenda species. Almost all Vanda’s/Ascocenda’s that have a blue colour, have been crossed with the amazing Vanda coerulea.

The Vanda coerulea is a must-have for every Vanda-lover!

  • This plant is in bloom for a long time (6 weeks to 3 months)
  • This plant flowers excessively.
  • This plant flowers very frequently.
  • This plant grows and blooms easily in a living room.
  • This plant can also function as a hanging plant in the living room.
  • Pay attention! Plants and orchids are living organisms that need good care.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Genus Vanda
Plant stage Adult
Flowering No
Pot size 12
Mounted In a plastic basket
Temperature (°C) (10,5 - 16,5°C), (16,5 - 24,5°C), (24,5 >°C)
Light intensity Daylight to bright light
Heigth (cm) 25 t/m 30
Age (Year) 6
Grown from (Year) 5
Flowering period Spring, Summer
Humidity (%) 40 - 80
Flowering frequency One to three times per year


Country Delivery time
Belgium 1 day
Bulgaria 4 - 6 days
Denmark 2 - 3 days
Germany 2 days
Estonia 5 days
Finland 4 - 5 days
France 2 - 3 days
United Kingdom 2 - 3 days
Hungary 3 - 4 days
Ireland 3 - 5 days
Italy 3 - 6 days
Latvia 4 - 5 days
Lithuania 4 - 5 days
Luxemburg 2 days
Austria 3 - 4 days
Poland 3 - 5 days
Portugal 3 - 5 days
Romania 4 - 5 days
Slovenia 4 - 5 days
Slovakia 3 - 5 days
Spain 3 - 5 days
Czech Republic 3 - 5 days
Sweden 2 - 4 days
Greece 4 - 7 days
* The delivery time is an indication.

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