Valentijnsactie 2024: Philodendrons en Hoya's

Feb. 14 is almost upon us again. The end of winter is in sight and we can usher in Valentine's Day just before Easter. The day when you show someone that you feel love for that person. Valentine's Day is all about relationships. Both love relationships and friendly relationships deserve some extra attention on this day. In 2024, it is totally hot to celebrate with a beautiful symbol that literally and figuratively grows with the relationship: a houseplant!

Lots of love, so lots of discount!

Did you know that Philodendron means love tree? To stay completely in the theme of love, this Valentine's Day you can use the code "VAL2024" get 14% off the plant that suits your relationship. Choose one together or give one as a gift. 
In addition, did you know that this discount also applies to Hoyas? So Hoyas also get a nice 14% discount! These plants can have super cute little flowers that are often fragrant and look like little candies.

Use 14% discount code

From February 1, 2024 to February 14, 2024, you can use the 14% discount code in the shopping cart to get a discount on all Hoyas and Philodendrons (excluding all Philodendron Florida Beauty). This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other codes or promotions.

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