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Cattleya aclandiae

Cattleya aclandiae: De orchidee die mijn bedrijf deed floreren!

Bij mij (Rik Claessen) begon het allemaal met deze orchidee: de Cattleya aclandiae. Een prachtige orchidee, die ervoor zorgde dat ik nu elke dag ma...
Paphiopedilum pinocchio "4N"

What does "4N" mean in the name of an orchid?

Our website occasionally features a number of orchids with the abbreviation "4N" behind them. Have you ever wanted to know what this means and why ...
Monstera dubia XL grote gaten

Climbing Plants: How Monstera dubia develops large leaves for optimal light

Climbing plants such as Monsteras and Philodendrons have the unique ability to use their environment for optimal growth and development. They grab ...
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Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 2/3 leaves)Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 2/3 leaves)
Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 2/3 leaves)
Special price€54,95 Normal price€69,95
Save €8,00
Hoya nicholsoniae New Guinea Ghost
Hoya nicholsoniae New Guinea Ghost
Special price€16,95 Normal price€24,95
Save €7,00
Hoya clemensiorum (2 Leaves)Hoya clemensiorum (2 Leaves)
Hoya clemensiorum (2 Leaves)
Special price€29,95 Normal price€36,95
Save €2,00
Monstera Thai Constellation ''Small Size"Monstera Thai Constellation ''Small Size"
Monstera Thai Constellation ''Small Size"
Special price€44,95 Normal price€46,95
Philodendron strawberry shake (Selection 1)
Save €10,00
Hoya undulataHoya undulata
Hoya undulata
Special price€69,95 Normal price€79,95
Save €2,00
Hoya wayetii (kentiana) variegataHoya wayetii (kentiana) variegata
Hoya wayetii (kentiana) variegata
Special price€7,50 Normal price€9,50
Save €16,00
Hoya thomsoniiHoya thomsonii
Hoya thomsonii
Special price€18,95 Normal price€34,95
Save €8,00
Hoya Polyneura Variegated (Fish-Tail Hoya)Hoya Polyneura Variegated (Fish-Tail Hoya)
Hoya Polyneura Variegated (Fish-Tail Hoya)
Special price€16,95 Normal price€24,95
Save €13,00
Hoya rangsan ''Splash''Hoya rangsan ''Splash''
Hoya rangsan ''Splash''
Special price€36,95 Normal price€49,95
Save €6,00
Philodendron polypodioides "Brasilien"Philodendron polypodioides "Brasilien"
Philodendron polypodioides "Brasilien"
Special price€23,95 Normal price€29,95
Save €6,00
Monstera peru variegataMonstera peru variegata
Monstera peru variegata
Special price€39,95 Normal price€45,95