Anthurium clarinervium


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Show 1 - 24 from 26 products
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Spathiphyllum Diamond VariegataSpathiphyllum Diamond Variegata
Spathiphyllum Diamond Variegata
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Anthurium forgetiiAnthurium forgetii
Anthurium forgetii
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Anthurium warocqueanum (Baby Plant)Anthurium warocqueanum (Baby Plant)
Anthurium warocqueanum (Baby Plant)
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Anthurium warocqueanumAnthurium warocqueanum
Anthurium warocqueanum
Special price€159,95
Anthurium veitchii 3/4 leavesAnthurium veitchii 3/4 leaves
Anthurium veitchii 3/4 leaves
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Anthurium magnificum (Big Plant)Anthurium magnificum (Big Plant)
Anthurium magnificum (Big Plant)
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Anthurium pentaphyllum 'Costa Rica'Anthurium pentaphyllum 'Costa Rica'
Anthurium pentaphyllum 'Costa Rica'
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Anthurium pentaphyllum Variegata 'Costa Rica'Anthurium pentaphyllum Variegata 'Costa Rica'
Anthurium crystallinum ''Silver Queen'' Small PlantAnthurium crystallinum ''Silver Queen'' Small Plant
Anthurium radicansAnthurium radicans
Anthurium radicans
Special price€54,95
Anthurium veitchii hybrideAnthurium veitchii hybride
Anthurium veitchii hybride
Special price€99,95
Anthurium crystallinum ''Silver Queen'' (Big Plant)Anthurium crystallinum ''Silver Queen'' (Big Plant)
Anthurium crystallinum ''Big Plant''Anthurium crystallinum ''Big Plant''
Anthurium crystallinum ''Big Plant''
Special price€49,95
Anthurium Regale (Small plant)Anthurium Regale (Small plant)
Anthurium Regale (Small plant)
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Anthurium Regale (Big Trunk)Anthurium Regale (Big Trunk)
Anthurium Regale (Big Trunk)
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Anthurium browniiAnthurium brownii
Anthurium brownii
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Anthurium villenaorum ( 4-5 Leaves)Anthurium villenaorum ( 4-5 Leaves)
Anthurium villenaorum ( 4-5 Leaves)
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Anthurium jenmaniiAnthurium jenmanii
Anthurium jenmanii
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Anthurium bakeriAnthurium bakeri
Anthurium bakeri
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Anthurium ArrowAnthurium Arrow
Anthurium Arrow
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Anthurium "Plowmanii"Anthurium "Plowmanii"
Anthurium "Plowmanii"
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Anthurium crystallinumAnthurium crystallinum
Anthurium crystallinum
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Anthurium clarinervium "Big XXL 2 Plants"Anthurium clarinervium "Big XXL 2 Plants"
Anthurium Thai Hybrid "Variegata"Anthurium Thai Hybrid "Variegata"
Anthurium Thai Hybrid "Variegata"
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The Anthurium is a very well-known and popular houseplant. The plant likes medium to high humidity and also often does well at room temperature.

The Anthurium has more and more species and hybrids. Moreover, there are more and more distinct plants on the market that contain, for example, variegata. These spots can be white, yellow or cream colored, for example.

Many Anthuriums grow a bit slower than, say, a Philodendron, but on the other hand, the leaf texture is often much more unique of an Anthurium. For example, the Anthurium radicans has very dark, round and shiny leaves with a kind of scaly-like bumps. And in turn, the Anthurium warocqueanum (Queen Anthurium) has flatter, long leaves with a soft texture.

The Anthurium is often not suitable for the novice plant lover, but one often does not need to be extremely advanced either. This plant just needs a bit more attention than an average Philodendron or Monstera plant.

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