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Show 1 - 24 from 29 products
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Spathiphyllum Diamond VariegataSpathiphyllum Diamond Variegata
Spathiphyllum Diamond Variegata
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Anthurium veitchii 3/4 leaves (Small Leaves)Anthurium veitchii 3/4 leaves (Small Leaves)
Anthurium veitchii 2/3 leavesAnthurium veitchii 2/3 leaves
Anthurium veitchii 2/3 leaves
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Anthurium forgetiiAnthurium forgetii
Anthurium forgetii
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Anthurium warocqueanum (Baby Plant)Anthurium warocqueanum (Baby Plant)
Anthurium warocqueanum (Baby Plant)
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Anthurium warocqueanumAnthurium warocqueanum
Anthurium warocqueanum
Special price€159,95
Anthurium Regale (Small Plant)Anthurium Regale (Small Plant)
Anthurium Regale (Small Plant)
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Anthurium magnificum (Big Plant)Anthurium magnificum (Big Plant)
Anthurium magnificum (Big Plant)
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Anthurium pentaphyllum 'Costa Rica'Anthurium pentaphyllum 'Costa Rica'
Anthurium pentaphyllum 'Costa Rica'
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Anthurium pentaphyllum Variegata 'Costa Rica' 1 Leaf (Cutting)Anthurium pentaphyllum Variegata 'Costa Rica' 1 Leaf (Cutting)
Anthurium pedatum (Nr 1)Anthurium pedatum (Nr 1)
Anthurium pedatum (Nr 1)
Special price€339,95
Anthurium pentaphyllum Variegata 'Costa Rica'Anthurium pentaphyllum Variegata 'Costa Rica'
Anthurium crystallinum "Silver Queen" (Small Plant)Anthurium crystallinum "Silver Queen" (Small Plant)
Anthurium radicansAnthurium radicans
Anthurium radicans
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Anthurium veitchii hybrideAnthurium veitchii hybride
Anthurium veitchii hybride
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Anthurium crystallinum "Silver Queen" (Big Plant)Anthurium crystallinum "Silver Queen" (Big Plant)
Anthurium crystallinum "Big Plant"Anthurium crystallinum "Big Plant"
Anthurium crystallinum "Big Plant"
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Anthurium Regale (Big Trunk)Anthurium Regale (Big Trunk)
Anthurium Regale (Big Trunk)
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Anthurium browniiAnthurium brownii
Anthurium brownii
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Anthurium villenaorum ( 3-4 Leaves)Anthurium villenaorum ( 3-4 Leaves)
Anthurium villenaorum ( 3-4 Leaves)
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Anthurium jenmaniiAnthurium jenmanii
Anthurium jenmanii
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Anthurium bakeriAnthurium bakeri
Anthurium bakeri
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Anthurium ArrowAnthurium Arrow
Anthurium Arrow
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Anthurium "Plowmanii"Anthurium "Plowmanii"
Anthurium "Plowmanii"
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Anthurium: beautiful variety in texture and care

Meet the acclaimed Anthurium, an extremely well -known and beloved houseplant that thrives at an average to high humidity and often thrives at room temperature.

Features of the Anthurium: Variation and Hybrids

  1. Humidity and temperature: Anthuriums thrive in an environment with average to high humidity and perform optimally at room temperature.
  2. Species richness: The Anthurium has an increasing number of species and hybrids, which means there is more and more choice for plant lovers.
  3. Variegata Variety: Discover the rise of separate Anthuriums on the market, such as the Varegata variants with stains in white, yellow or cream color.

Unique leaf textures from Anthurium: a visual party

  1. Growth and texture: Although Anthuriums often grow slower than some other popular house plants, such as the Philodendron, the unique leaf texture more than compensates. Think of the Anthurium Radicans with its dark, round and shiny leaves with scales-like bumps, or the Anthurium Warocqueanum (Queen Anthurium) with its flatter, longer leaves and soft texture.

Anthurium care: Tips and considerations

  1. Suitability for plant lovers: Anthuriums are often not the ideal choice for starting plant lovers, but do not ask for an extremely advanced expertise either. However, it requires a little more attention than, for example, an average Philodendron or Monstera plant.
  2. Attention and care: Give the Anthurium regularly attention, where you ensure sufficient light, a damp environment and targeted water gift. Avoid giving excessive water to prevent root rot.

Nice facts about Anthurium: a wonderful challenge

  1. Grace in name: The name Anthurium is derived from the Greek words 'Anthos' (flower) and 'Oura' (tail), which refers to the striking flower shape.
  2. Symbolic meaning: In the language of flowers, the Anthurium symbol for exotic beauty and abundance.
  3. Artistic applications: Due to its striking appearance, the Anthurium is often used in artistic flower arrangements and bouquets.

Add the elegant anthurium to your plant collection and be enchanted by the diversity in texture and the challenges that this beautiful plant entails. Experience the reward of care and dedication to this unique houseplant. The Anthurium is a well -known and popular houseplant. The plant likes an average to high humidity and often does well at room temperature.

The Anthurium has more and more species and hybrids. Moreover, there are more and more separate plants on the market that, for example, contain varieties. For example, these stains can be white, yellow or cream -colored.

Many Anthuriums grow a bit slower than, for example, a Philodendron, but the leaf texture is often much more unique from an anthurium. The Anthurium Radicans, for example, has a very dark, round and shiny leaf with a kind of scaly-like bumps. And the Anthurium Warocqueanum (Queen Anthurium) has a flatter, long leaf with a soft texture.

The Anthurium is often not suitable for the starting plant lover, but people often do not have to be extremely advanced. This plant only needs a little more attention than an average Philodendron or Monstera plant.

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