Kleurrijke Phalaenopsis in hangpot krat aan ketting


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Show 1 - 24 from 67 products
Moss pole 75 cm
Moss pole 75 cm
Special price€3,95
Gift Certificate Claessen Orchids and Plants
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Orchid grid pots Black 7.5 cm (5 pcs)
Undergreen Jungle Fever Green Plants Nutrition
Orchid pots Black 12 cm (5 pieces)
Orchid pots Black 12 cm (5 pieces)
Special price€4,95
Canna pH+ 1L
Canna pH+ 1L
Special price€11,95
Canna pH+ Pro 20% 1L
Canna pH+ Pro 20% 1L
Special price€12,95
Orchideeën Potgrond (Bark fractie 6) 4 liter
Milwaukee pH Meter pH51 / pH54 pocket-size
Binding wire (Gartner Bindbast 500 meters)
Orchid pots Black 9,5 cm (5 pcs)
Orchid pots Black 9,5 cm (5 pcs)
Special price€2,95
Orchid Fertilizer Dolokal (3 pieces)Orchid Fertilizer Dolokal (3 pieces)
Orchid Hanging Stand ( height 67 cm )Orchid Hanging Stand ( height 67 cm )
Compo BIO Insect stop 250ml
Compo BIO Insect stop 250ml
Special price€15,96
Special price€21,95
Legrand Omnirex timer analoog p/15min
Plagron Cocos Brix substrate (6 Stuks)
Reverse osmose filter system 75 SIMPLE (280 Liter)Reverse osmose filter system 75 SIMPLE (280 Liter)
Garden Highpro clipfan 20cm/12watt
Garden Highpro clipfan 20cm/12watt
Special price€25,00
GreenPower LED production moduleGreenPower LED production module
GreenPower LED production module
Special price€239,95
Special price€9,95
Gen200 Grow 250mL
Gen200 Grow 250mL
Special price€46,95
Orchid Potting Soil Orchiata 3-6 mm (Precision) (40L)Orchid Potting Soil Orchiata 3-6 mm (Precision) (40L)

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Plant care accessories: essential tools for your green oasis

Discover the indispensable accessories for the care of your green companions in our extensive range. Everything you need to maintain your orchids, cacti or house plants can be found in this carefully composed collection.

Large assortment: care accessories for every plant lover

  1. Plant and orchid pots: Choose from a wide range of high -quality pots, specially designed for optimum growing conditions.
  2. Fun and binding wire: Discover the most suitable pruning gears and binding thread to keep your plants healthy and well formed.
  3. Montage material for hanging plants: Create beautiful hanging packages with our quality mounting material.
  4. Plants thermostats: Regulate the ideal temperature for your rare plants with our advanced plant thermostats.
  5. Potting soil varieties: Find the perfect potting soil for both rare plants and orchids, so that their growth is optimally supported.

Specific supplies: For every plant wish

  1. Moss sticks and mospalen: Give your plants the opportunity to climb with our high -quality moss sticks and mospals.
  2. Sphagnum moss: Whether you are looking for a moss stick or loose sphagnum moss, you will find everything you need to spoil your green friends on this page.

With our extensive range and focus on quality, we offer the ideal accessories for maintaining and letting your plants thrive. Choose reliable tools and create a flourishing green oasis in your living space.

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