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Show 1 - 16 from 16 products
Monstera Full Mint deliciosa borsigiana Variegata (nr 4)
Monstera Full Mint deliciosa borsigiana Variegata (nr 2)
Philodendron holtonianum Variegated (Nr 1)Philodendron holtonianum Variegated (Nr 1)
Philodendron billietiae Variegata "Almost Full Moon" (nr 1)Philodendron billietiae Variegata "Almost Full Moon" (nr 1)
Philodendron billietiae Variegata (nr 3)Philodendron billietiae Variegata (nr 3)
Philodendron goeldii Variegata (nr 1)
Philodendron goeldii Variegata (nr 1)
Special price€679,95
Philodendron Caramel Marble (nr 1)
Philodendron Caramel Marble (nr 1)
Special price€676,50
Thaumatophyllum adamantinum variegataThaumatophyllum adamantinum variegata
Thaumatophyllum adamantinum variegata
Special price€589,45
Thaumatophyllum saxicola Hybrid VariegataThaumatophyllum saxicola Hybrid Variegata
Philodendron Black Cardinal "Marble"Philodendron Black Cardinal "Marble"
Philodendron Black Cardinal "Marble"
Special price€439,95
Philodendron spiritus sancti (Big Plant) Leaves 35/40 cm (Nr. 1)
Anthurium pedatumAnthurium pedatum
Anthurium pedatum
Special price€339,95
Philodendron pinnatilobum aff nr 1Philodendron pinnatilobum aff nr 1
Philodendron pinnatilobum aff nr 1
Special price€299,95
Syngonium chiapensis VariegataSyngonium chiapensis Variegata
Syngonium chiapensis Variegata
Special price€249,95
Philodendron Jungle Fever Variegated
Philodendron Jungle Fever Variegated
Special price€224,99

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Discover plants of our collection: exactly as shown!

Looking for plants that exactly match what you see on the photo and/or video? Welcome to our collection page, where we distinguish ourselves through accuracy and transparency. While most products in our webshop are provided with example photos of the species, with specifications as a guideline, this page offers a unique experience. Here you can see exactly what you buy, without surprises afterwards.

Transparency in purchases of special house plants

We understand the importance of clarity with online purchases, especially when it comes to delicate and special plants. That is why we strive to offer an accurate representation of each item in our collection on this page. With detailed photos and videos we show what every plant looks like at the time of purchase.

Tropical plants that meet your expectations

By opting for planting our collection, you are assured of products that exactly match what you expect. No more guesswork about the size, color or health of the plant. With our careful selection and accurate visualization you can make your choice with confidence, knowing that the plant exactly meets your expectations.

Quality and reliability

Our collection plants are carefully grown and selected to meet the highest quality and reliability standards. We strive to offer every customer a satisfactory experience, from the moment of purchase to the care of the plant at home. With our transparent approach and focus on accuracy, we strive for your full satisfaction.

A trusted choice for plants to order online

So, if you are looking for plants that do not leave room for interpretation, browse through our collection and find the perfect plant for your space. With the guarantee that what you see is actually what you get, you can shop with confidence and enjoy the beautiful plants that our collection has to offer.

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