Aglaonema pink variegata


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Aglaonema Pictum TricolorAglaonema Pictum Tricolor
Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor
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Aglaonema pumilum
Aglaonema pumilum
Special price€39,95 Normal price€43,95
Aglaonema rotundumAglaonema rotundum
Aglaonema rotundum
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Aglaonema pictum "Bicolor"Aglaonema pictum "Bicolor"
Aglaonema pictum "Bicolor"
Special price€21,95
Aglaonema ''Kan Kluay''Aglaonema ''Kan Kluay''
Aglaonema ''Kan Kluay''
Special price€19,95

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The Aglaonema is a distinct plant that can have numerous leaf colors and textures. It is a very diverse genus, containing both easy and more difficult types of tropical houseplants. For example, there are plants with a green-colored army print on the leaves, but other types with splashes or stripes variegata occur in green, yellow, pink, white or red spots, for example.

Because these plants can have so many different colors, it is an excellent plant for the home. In fact, you can always find a plant that is decorative enough for your interior! Moreover, our assortment always contains slightly rarer plants than at a regular garden center or online plant store, so you will always find something unique.

By the way, NASA has also shown in a study that the Aglaonema is one of the plants that can best purify the air. Therefore, this plant is a very good and durable addition for a house or apartment.

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