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Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 2/3 leaves)Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 2/3 leaves)
Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 2/3 leaves)
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Philodendron spiritus sancti (Small Plant 3 Leaves, few roots)Philodendron spiritus sancti (Small Plant 3 Leaves, few roots)
Monstera Thai Constellation ''14 cm pot"Monstera Thai Constellation ''14 cm pot"
Philodendron strawberry shake (Selection 1)
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Monstera Thai Constellation ''Small Size"Monstera Thai Constellation ''Small Size"
Monstera Thai Constellation ''Small Size"
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Monstera adansonii 'Indonesian Marble'Monstera adansonii 'Indonesian Marble'
Aglaonema Pictum TricolorAglaonema Pictum Tricolor
Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor
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Monstera Thai Constellation "Big Plant''Monstera Thai Constellation "Big Plant''
Epipremnum pinnatum marble variegataEpipremnum pinnatum marble variegata
Epipremnum pinnatum marble variegata
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Philodendron red andersonPhilodendron red anderson
Philodendron red anderson
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Monstera adansonii variegated aurea (5-7 Leaves)Monstera adansonii variegated aurea (5-7 Leaves)
Zamioculcas zamiifolia Highly Variegated (1 leaf cutting)
Alocasia Green Dragon 'variegata aurea' (eggs, tubers)Alocasia Green Dragon 'variegata aurea' (eggs, tubers)
Alocasia black velvet aurea variegata (eggs, tubers)Alocasia black velvet aurea variegata (eggs, tubers)
Philodendron patriciae ''Small Leaves''Philodendron patriciae ''Small Leaves''
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Philodendron polypodioides "Brasilien"Philodendron polypodioides "Brasilien"
Philodendron polypodioides "Brasilien"
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Monstera VariegataMonstera Variegata
Monstera Variegata
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Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 3/4 leaves) Good VariegataPhilodendron Florida Beauty ( 3/4 leaves) Good Variegata
Monstera deliciosa Variegata ''Green type''Monstera deliciosa Variegata ''Green type''
Monstera deliciosa Variegata ''Full Moon'' "3 leaves"Monstera deliciosa Variegata ''Full Moon'' "3 leaves"
Cercestis mirabilis (Medium Plant)Cercestis mirabilis (Medium Plant)
Cercestis mirabilis (Medium Plant)
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Philodendron Jose Buono (3-4 Leaves)Philodendron Jose Buono (3-4 Leaves)
Philodendron Jose Buono (3-4 Leaves)
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If you have ever seen an Anthurium, you have already met a member of the Araceae family. This is a family of unique plants with mostly foliage plants, but also plants with distinct flowers. The arum family (Araceae) consists of 114 genera and about 3,500 species of plants. This family consists of several thousand species found in the tropics (Old and New World) and northern temperate climates. They are distinctive and popular because of their inflorescence or leaf shape. The flowers are characterized by their inflorescence, called spadix. The flowers usually have a single leaf-like, conspicuously colored or white bract that attracts attention. Houseplants of the Araceae family include Philodendron, Dieffenbachia and Alocasia. Many flowers of members of this family emit a scent to attract arachnid insects that aid fertilization by transporting pollen from plant to plant. In fact, insects' sense of smell is superior to that of humans. We ourselves are not affected by the smell, we just find that some species smell stronger than others.

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