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Alocasia Green Dragon 'variegata aurea' (eggs, tubers)Alocasia Green Dragon 'variegata aurea' (eggs, tubers)
Alocasia black velvet aurea variegata (eggs, tubers)Alocasia black velvet aurea variegata (eggs, tubers)
Alocasia polly pink variegatedAlocasia polly pink variegated
Alocasia polly pink variegated
Special price€59,95
Alocasia Bambino Pink VariegataAlocasia Bambino Pink Variegata
Alocasia Bambino Pink Variegata
Special price€114,95
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Alocasia Frydek variegata albo
Alocasia Frydek variegata albo
Special price€59,95 Normal price€69,95
Alocasia JacklynAlocasia Jacklyn
Alocasia Jacklyn
Special price€21,95
Alocasia Frydek
Alocasia Frydek
Special price€59,95
Alocasia black velvet aurea variegataAlocasia black velvet aurea variegata
Alocasia black velvet aurea variegata
Special price€649,00
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Alocasia Frydek variegata albo
Alocasia Frydek variegata albo
Special price€79,95 Normal price€86,95
Alocasia macrorrhiza splashAlocasia macrorrhiza splash
Alocasia macrorrhiza splash
Special price€39,95
Alocasia lauterbachiana variegatedAlocasia lauterbachiana variegated
Alocasia lauterbachiana variegated
Special price€79,95
Alocasia Frydek variegata aureaAlocasia Frydek variegata aurea
Alocasia Frydek variegata aurea
Special price€89,95
Alocasia platinumAlocasia platinum
Alocasia platinum
Special price€42,95
Alocasia brancifolia "Pink Passion"Alocasia brancifolia "Pink Passion"
Alocasia brancifolia "Pink Passion"
Special price€39,95
Alocasia Silver Dragon Variegata
Alocasia Silver Dragon Variegata
Special price€399,95
Alocasia VariegataAlocasia Variegata
Alocasia Variegata
Special price€124,95
Alocasia baginda "Dragon Scale"Alocasia baginda "Dragon Scale"
Alocasia baginda "Dragon Scale"
Special price€23,95
Alocasia cuprea ''Red Dragon''(1-3 leaves) Baby plantAlocasia cuprea ''Red Dragon''(1-3 leaves) Baby plant

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The Alocasia is a popular foliage plant, growing nearly eighty species. This tropical houseplant likes a moist, warm environment. Therefore, on average, this plant needs water a little more often than a Philodendron, for example.

What makes the Alocasia an attractive plant is the special shapes and textures of its leaves. In addition, the leaves can be very diverse colors.

Thus, there are also quite a few rare variegata versions of the Alocasia plant. Variegata is the local lack of chlorophyll in a leaf. This can cause the plant to have localized discoloration. Because this is a very unique and rare feature, these plants are often worth a lot.

The Alocasia shows very clearly when it needs watering. because this is visible on the stems of the plant. These then go a hang down a little. Be careful not to water the plant too wet, as this can cause root rot.

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