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Quality & Diversity

Where most are limited to a few plant species, we break with this standard. From orchids to green houseplants. You can find it all at Claessen Orchids and Plants. Discover the most distinctive plants and helpful accessories to complete your green oasis.

Our plants are grown or kept in special sections in the greenhouse, so care is tailored to each plant. The assortment includes both easy and difficult houseplants and orchids. Thus there is something to suit everyone's taste.

Budget & Luxury

Not only an extensive assortment of houseplants and orchids, but also for every budget. Plants with a small price can be found alongside exclusive, rare plants to complete the most special houseplant collection of every plant mom and dad.

Known & Reliable

In addition to a webshop, we also have a physical store and the ability to ship wholesale orders worldwide*. Our name is known both locally and worldwide by customers, suppliers and trade shows. Claessen Orchids and Plants is regularly featured at multiple exhibitions and fairs around the world. International plant import and export is therefore one of the company's many qualities.

Because we have a large network of growers and connoisseurs, we have expertise and can get hold of the rarest and most unusual plants.

Passion & Experience

Rik Claessen's passion for orchids and indoor plants was ignited at an early age by his grandfather. On his 8th birthday, he received a terrarium with poison dart frogs as a gift. Soon he became especially passionate about eccentric and unique tropical plants and orchids. He found his passion in decorating the terrarium with unusual specimens.

The wish list of orchids soon grew and he needed to know everything about them. Unfortunately, looking up information was greatly hampered by severe dyslexia. Yet this did not stop him from expanding his passion into a profession.

Meanwhile, all that knowledge, passion and experience has been applied to plants since 2005.

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After Rik's hobby became very serious, he wanted to turn it into work. By visiting nurseries and talking a lot with orchid experts, he finally opened the doors of his own nursery in Nederweert-Eind in 2006. Back then the company was still nicely Dutch called "Claessen Orchids".


The webshop was redone and the name became more international with Claessen Orchids and Plants BV. Nevertheless, it has remained a small family business with only a handful of employees. That way, everything remains personal.



A second, exclusive webshop had been added: Plantique. Here the rarest and most unusual plants in particular were offered.


The webshop was renewed after 8 years and switched to a more modern, dynamic and user-friendly platform.


Nearly 20 years of experience and quality. The enthusiasm planted the seed, it has grown to a full-fledged business and the passion continues to flourish!

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