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Show 1 - 24 from 51 products
Hoya Carnosa ‘Nova Ghost’ (2 Leaf Cutting)Hoya Carnosa ‘Nova Ghost’ (2 Leaf Cutting)
Philodendron joepii Variegated (Fresh Head Cutting) nr 2
Philodendron joepii Variegated (Fresh Head Cutting) nr 1Philodendron joepii Variegated (Fresh Head Cutting) nr 1
Monstera deliciosa borsigiana variegata aurea (Cutting 1 Leaf)Monstera deliciosa borsigiana variegata aurea (Cutting 1 Leaf)
Philodendron Bob Cee VariegatedPhilodendron Bob Cee variegated close-up
Monstera 'Burle Marx Flame' 1 Leaf (Cutting)Monstera 'Burle Marx Flame' 1 Leaf (Cutting)
Anthurium pentaphyllum Variegata 'Costa Rica' 1 Leaf (Cutting)Anthurium pentaphyllum Variegata 'Costa Rica' 1 Leaf (Cutting)
Philodendron micans pink variegated ( 1 Leaf Cuttings)Philodendron micans pink variegated ( 1 Leaf Cuttings)
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Hoya undulata (2 Leaf Cutting With Stem)Hoya undulata (2 Leaf Cutting With Stem)
Hoya undulata (2 Leaf Cutting With Stem)
Special price€49,95 Normal price€79,95
Philodendron joepii Variegated (Fresh Head Cutting)
Hoya Argentea Princess (2 Leaves) CuttingHoya Argentea Princess (2 Leaves) Cutting
Philodendron micans pink variegated ( 2 Leaf Cuttings)Philodendron micans pink variegated ( 2 Leaf Cuttings)
Monstera 'Burle Marx Flame' Small 2 Leaves' (Fresh Head Cutting)Monstera 'Burle Marx Flame' Small 2 Leaves' (Fresh Head Cutting)
Hoya Obovata Variegata Silver Splash (2 Leaf Cutting)Hoya Obovata Variegata Silver Splash (2 Leaf Cutting)
Epipremnum pinnatum marble variegata (Leaf Cutting)Epipremnum pinnatum marble variegata (Leaf Cutting)
Zamioculcas zamiifolia variegata (4 leaf cuttings)Zamioculcas zamiifolia variegata (4 leaf cuttings)
Zamioculcas zamiifolia Highly Variegated (2 leaf cutting)Zamioculcas zamiifolia Highly Variegated (2 leaf cutting)
Zamioculcas zamiifolia Highly Variegated (1 leaf cutting)
Hoya Silver Moon (Wetstick Cutting)
Hoya Silver Moon (Wetstick Cutting)
Special price€34,95
Zamioculcas zamiifolia Variegated (1 leaf cutting)Zamioculcas zamiifolia Variegated (1 leaf cutting)
Philodendron Caramel Marble (Leaf Cutting)Philodendron Caramel Marble (Leaf Cutting)
Hoya callistophylla ( 2 leaf cutting )Hoya callistophylla ( 2 leaf cutting )

Recent bekeken

With us you can also get cuttings for various rare plants. Especially for experienced growers and hobbyists, cuttings can be very attractive. They are often relatively cheap and offer an extra challenge with the care. We offer cuttings of the most popular and rare tropical plants. So take a look at this nice page.

Cheap cuttings of rare plants

In relatively, cuttings are often cheaper than the rooted plant. That way you can get more special plants with a smaller budget. Often it takes a few weeks to a few months before the site can already be put in the potting soil with the right care. This is a favorite way to purchase fun plants for a smaller amount.

Are the cuttings already well rooted?

These cuttings are fresh. This means that the cuttings still have to make active. Our cuttings are therefore not first prepared in water. This can cause easier damage to the plant during transport in the winter. After arrival, the plant can be put in the water with the air roots or another cutting medium in which you want the plant to grow until it can be done in another medium.

Cut a plant yourself

Many house plants on this page are relatively easy to cut. So take a look at this page to see which plants have potential to multiply relatively easily. This is particularly nice if you are a motivated hobbyist who likes to see a plant grow on yourself.


Unfortunately we have no cuttings or Keikis of orchids available because these plants are too vulnerable. We also recommend being very careful with increasing orchids, because a mistake can be solved less quickly than with a green tropical houseplant.

The difference between a lawstick, Leaf Cutting and a head cutting or voice cutting


Our law sticks do not yet contain leaves, but they do contain an air root with an eye. These are one of the cuttings that are a bit more difficult and require more attention from the caregiver. So it will take a little longer to get results. But for people who are looking for a cheap rare plant and love a beautiful metamorphosis, we definitely recommend this!

Leaf Cuttings

Our Leaf Cuttings can be different per species how they are. For example, the Monstera and the Philodendron is familiar with their little stem with a leaf stalk and leaf and an air root on it. Often there is only 1 leaf on. But the Zamioculcas Leaf Cuttings actually originated from the leaf. So do you want to know what this means for the species specifically? Then we recommend contacting our customer service.

Head cutings

A head cutting is the same as a headstack. This is a place made of the end of a tribe. When this place is made and later put in the potting soil, you cannot see a cut in the trunk. Because fewer head cuttings can be made from a plant, these are often a little more on the price. But on the other hand, there is a nice plant to make it quickly as soon as it starts to carrot. If you don't want people to see after a while that the plant has come from a spot, we recommend this type of place for you.

Vote Cuttings

Vote cuts are cuttings of the trunk. So these have had a cut at the top and the bottom and have at least 1 air root with a leaf. So there are also with multiple leaves. It is possible that this site is made of a plant that has already been achieved. That is why these cuttings are often cheaper. It will be visible longer that this plant is made from cuttings. This is more difficult to mask. These cuttings can have 1 or more leaves.

Order the risk of a site online

In principle, cuttings are not covered by us in the ordering or shipping guarantee. If the cutting is damaged by shipment or weather conditions, this is at your own risk.

In fact, cuttings are very vulnerable and can also have the risk of not surviving in many species, even though they are grown in perfect conditions. So you might imagine that shipping entails an extra risk. For this reason, we can unfortunately do not offer a guarantee on the health and the shipping of the site plants.

How do I get a guarantee on the shipment of rare plants?

If you would like a guarantee on the delivery and health of the plant after shipment, we recommend that you buy a perennial plant. These plants are rooted and we do offer insurance for this. In addition, the weather insurance does apply to those plants when it is added. For example, with hot or cold temperatures, there is a guarantee that your plants will arrive well.


So there are advantages and disadvantages to the purchase of a place. It is therefore advisable to think carefully to see if you want to purchase one. In addition, there are a lot of different species from which you can choose, such as a headstack, leaf spot, foundation and a lawstick.

Are you not quite sure yet or there is no information that you would like to know? Then mail to

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