Hertshoornvaren (Platycerium)

Staghorn fern (Platycerium)

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Show 1 - 24 from 34 products
Platycerium ridleyiPlatycerium ridleyi
Platycerium ridleyi
Special price€69,95
Platycerium coronarium
Platycerium coronarium
Special price€69,95
Platycerium grandePlatycerium grande
Platycerium grande
Special price€49,95
Platycerium kitshakood
Platycerium kitshakood
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Platycerium wandaePlatycerium wandae
Platycerium wandae
Special price€46,95
Platycerium madagascariense "Medium Plant"
Platycerium elephantotisPlatycerium elephantotis
Platycerium elephantotis
Special price€69,95
Platycerium holttumiiPlatycerium holttumii
Platycerium holttumii
Special price€59,95
Platycerium madagascariense "Baby Plant"
Platycerium ridleyi (Small Plant)Platycerium ridleyi (Small Plant)
Platycerium ridleyi (Small Plant)
Special price€49,95
Platycerium Banna
Platycerium Banna
Special price€99,95
Platycerium hillii dwarf
Platycerium hillii dwarf
Special price€49,95
Platycerium Neptune (P. stemaria x P. elephantotis)Platycerium Neptune (P. stemaria x P. elephantotis)
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Platycerium Horn's Surprise (madagascariens x aicicone-Africa) "Darwin" (Small Plant)Platycerium Horn's Surprise (madagascariens x aicicone-Africa) "Darwin" (Small Plant)
Platycerium ridleyi dwarfPlatycerium ridleyi dwarf
Platycerium ridleyi dwarf
Special price€79,95
Platycerium elephantotis CV. Long OvatePlatycerium elephantotis CV. Long Ovate
Platycerium willinckii "Jade Girl" (Small Plant)Platycerium willinckii "Jade Girl" (Small Plant)
Platycerium willinckii cv. Dwarf Tatsuta
Platycerium willinckii "Yellow Moon" DwarfPlatycerium willinckii "Yellow Moon" Dwarf
Platycerium KaikaPlatycerium Kaika
Platycerium Kaika
Special price€449,95
Platycerium Neptune (P. stemaria x P. elephantotis)  ''Big Plant''Platycerium Neptune (P. stemaria x P. elephantotis)  ''Big Plant''
Platycerium ridleyi ‘Wide from’
Platycerium ridleyi ‘Wide from’
Special price€179,95
Platycerium coronarium ‘dwarf’
Platycerium coronarium ‘dwarf’
Special price€74,95
Platycerium hillii "Hula Hand"Platycerium hillii "Hula Hand"
Platycerium hillii "Hula Hand"
Special price€189,95

Recent bekeken

Some of these plants look like heads of lettuce when they are a bit more compact. Yet it is a true beauty when the leaves get a bit bigger. Then a beautiful antler is created. A living artwork. These plants are often used in a plant wall or a living painting. But they also serve as a pot plant.

Where does the Platycerium come from?

The Platycerium originates in Australia. Here it grows epiphytically (on other plants or trees without extracting nutrients). They usually grow on trees in Australia.

Characteristics of the Hertshoornvaren

The Hertshoorn has 2 types of leaves, with which the characteristic shape is reflected.

Sterile mantle or nis leaves

These leaves are generally somewhat wider and these ensure the firmness of the plant. They feed the plant over time by slowly digesting. This results in humus from which the plant gets energy to grow.

Fertile leaves

These leaves give the plant its name. With most Platyceriums they look like a deer of a deer and can get notches with many types of notches. These leaves are longer and often protrude a piece. They can get spore boxes at the bottom.

Hairs on the leaves

Many Platyceriums look cuddly with their hairy leaves. But did you know that this also has a function? These leaves ensure that the plant can hold water for longer. The veins that you can see in the leaves ensure the firmness of the plant.

Rare PlatyCerium species

We specialize in all the special and aparts that the plant world has to offer. For the real hobbyists looking for something that someone else does not have and is not grown en masse, there is a large assortment of oddities with us. This also applies to the Platycerium (Hertshoornvaren).

Popular species

Species that are currently very popular include the Platycerium Ridleyi and the Platycerium Madagascariense. These species show the characteristics of deeply constricted leaves early, are very rare and a pleasure to see grow. They quickly look different from the 'boring' Platycerium bifurcatum, which is now being offered everywhere.

Taking care of the Hertshoornvaren

Most Platyceriums are relatively easy to care for, but species such as the Platycerium Ridleyi and the Madagascariense still deserve some extra attention. They prefer to be in a slightly more stable and warmer climate, but also like a high humidity and an air flow (no trip!). In botanical gardens, for example, they will look great, but they are also suitable for a conservatory with more stable climate or a bathroom.

New types of Platycerium available!

This plant is currently very popular and is being wanted more and more. Yet there are few companies that they currently offer. That is why we are one of the few who can get very special species. More will follow soon, so keep an eye on this page if you have become enthusiastic about more!

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