Platyceriums: Prachtige Elandgewei- en Hertshoornvarens!

Did you know that Platyceriums (also called Moose Antlers or Staghorn Ferns) are epiphytic ferns and they often grow on trees and rocks in tropical and subtropical regions? These ferns develop their leaves in a very special way. In fact, they have 2 types of leaves: 

1. Fertile leaves.

These leaves are lobed and resemble moose antlers. The function of this type of leaf is to produce spores for reproduction. They often grow upward and trap organic material, such as leaves and dust. This helps the plant obtain nutrients. 

2. Sterile leaves

This type of leaf is flat and broad and generally grows horizontally. They trap water like a basket. In turn, these leaves often look rather like the antlers of a deer. 

The Platycerium's unusual leaf shapes make it a striking and decorative plant, very popular in both interiors and botanical gardens. They have specific climate and care requirements, such as indirect sunlight and reasonable humidity. So it is definitely a distinct fancier plant!


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