De meest zeldzame kleuren bloemen van orchideeën

Orchids occur in a wide range of colors and the rarity of a certain color can depend on the species or cultivar. However, some orchid colors are generally considered rarer than others.

The Blue Orchid

One of the rarest colors of orchids is blue. Blue orchids are very popular with collectors and enthusiasts, but they are actually quite rare in nature. In fact, there are no well -known types of orchids that produce real blue flowers. Most of the blue orchids that you see are either painted or genetically modified to produce the blue color.

The black orchid

Another rare color orchids is pure black. Although there are some orchids that have dark purple or brown -black flowers, really black orchids are very rare and highly sought after by collectors. The species that the blackest orchid produces is Dracula Vampira.

The white orchid

Other rare colors orchids are pure white, which is difficult to reach without any yellow or green hues, and bright red, which is less common in orchids than with other types of flowers.


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