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Hoya kerrii
Hoya kerrii
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Hoya wayetii (kentiana) variegata "Big Plant"Hoya wayetii (kentiana) variegata "Big Plant"
Hoya caudata "Silver Stains" Big PlantHoya caudata "Silver Stains" Big Plant
Hoya pubicalyx Pink /Silver SplashHoya pubicalyx Pink /Silver Splash
Hoya pubicalyx Pink /Silver Splash
Special price€16,95
Hoya Latifolia (Small Leaf)Hoya Latifolia (Small Leaf)
Hoya Latifolia (Small Leaf)
Special price€32,95
Hoya wayetiiHoya wayetii
Hoya wayetii
Special price€12,95
Hoya callistophylla "Big Plant"Hoya callistophylla "Big Plant"
Hoya callistophylla "Big Plant"
Special price€39,95
Hoya verticillata "Green Button"
Hoya verticillata "Green Button"
Special price€28,75
Hoya kerrii "Big"Hoya kerrii "Big"
Hoya kerrii "Big"
Special price€49,95

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Care of Hoya's:

Hoyas, also known as washing flowers, require care and attention to their beautiful flowering and fragrant scent. These house plants thrive best with light but indirect rays of the sun. Provide regular water, but avoid too much moisture. A well -drained potting soil is ideal for healthy growth.

Origin of hoyas:

The Hoya gender includes a diverse series of plants from tropical areas in Asia, Oceania and parts of Australia. The variety in their origins contributes to the unique properties of each Hoya species.

Appearance of Hoya's:

Discover the enchanting world of Hoya's with their striking flower stupulas and characteristic waxy leaves. The Hoya Kerri, with heart -shaped leaves, adds a romantic element to your collection. Favorites such as Hoya Carnosa, Callistophylla and Hoya Wayetii offer a range of shapes and colors that enrich the aesthetics of your interior space.

Bring home the natural beauty of Hoyas and discover why these plants conquer the hearts of both beginners and experienced plant lovers. View our extensive range of Hoyas and add a touch of serenity and elegance to your living space.

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