Hoe krijg ik de luchtvochtigheid makkelijk omhoog?
Many plant owners experience difficulty on sunny days and cold winter days in keeping both the temperature comfortable for tropical houseplants and the humidity high. Surely, in many households, air conditioning in the summer or heating in the winter does more harm than good to our beloved plants and orchids. Therefore, we have some simple tips to boost your plant climate in an easy way.

What humidity does my houseplant need?

Many special and unusual varieties with a higher price tag are often more difficult to grow. Therefore, it is important to mimic the needs of the plant as optimally as possible. And yet this can be a daunting challenge for plants that need to be in humidity levels above 75% for example. Some species even need to be in 85%! What you can best do for this, we will come back to later.

Five ways to maintain humidity:

1. Hydro pellets:

Hydro pellets can very easily take care of increasing humidity in a room. This is because they release moisture more easily. You place the hydro pellets near your plants in a slightly elevated container or a plant saucer. Then you saturate them with water, giving the humidity around that spot a little boost.

2. Bowls of water and water ornaments:

Placing bowls of water on a heater is one of the most accessible and cheapest ways to manage the climate in your home. Thus, more water will evaporate as soon as the heater turns on, compensating for dry air. So ideal for your green friends.

3. Group plants together:

Plants release moisture themselves. That is why it is often cooler in the forest on a hot summer day. But this works in small spaces, too. Place your plants in groups together to let them benefit from each other's evaporation. This way, the humidity around your houseplants will be just a bit higher.

4. Air conditioning off, misting on:

Air conditioning is one of the most damaging devices to tropical houseplants and orchids. Still, such a cold breeze on a hot summer day is nice. Therefore, you can look for an alternative: a misting device or humidifier. Nebulizers or cooling devices blow air with a fan into the room, mixed with moisture. Using cold water also easily lowers the temperature in the room on a hot day. In fact, moisture also cools the room without harming your collection of beloved plants.

5. From display case to mini-greenhouse:

Do you have difficult plants, which require very high humidity, such as humidity above 70 or 80%? Then using a display case might be a solution. With this you can easily create a mini greenhouse with its own climate. Boosting the humidity in it is very easy.

5.1 Mini climate control with accessories

Moreover, you can dress up the back wall of such a cabinet very simply, and all kinds of materials for care can be found in a showcase these days. So you can make it as elaborate as you want with fans, misting equipment, grow lights, weather stations and timers. If the cabinet is made of wood, make sure the wood is well protected from water.

5.2 Pictures and information about the mini greenhouse

Would you like to know more about it? Then look among our blogs about the Ikea Greenhouse Cabinet, or check on Instagram under the hashtag #ikeagreenhousecabinet for more inspiration!


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