Tropische planten in de badkamer plaatsen: Inspiratie en tips

Placing tropical plants in the bathroom: Inspiration and tips

Many houseplants are placed in the living room by default, because it is often easy to adjust the climate here. However, it is often also quite eas...
Stoere planten voor vaderdag

Tough plants for father's day

Father's Day is right around the corner. And coming up with a gift can sometimes be difficult. Especially if the garden is already full of beautifu...
Kracht van de zomerzon: Kamerplanten op het zuiden

Power of summer sun: South-facing houseplants

The longest day of the year in terms of sunlight is already upon us. This means that the strength of the sun is also increasing tremendously on war...
Voorjaarsverzorging & tips!

Spring care & tips!

Spring has started again! The blossoms are back in the trees and the itch for major cleaning is coming back. Everyone seems to be busy in the garde...
Verzorging van tropische kamerplant met gouden gieter

My plants die during the vacations

A common issue during the summer vacations is the death of houseplants due to forgotten or wrong care. Of course a great shame and annoying! That b...
Hoe laat ik mijn tropische planten en orchideeën groeien?

How do I grow my tropical plants and orchids?

Growing houseplants and orchids in our climate is often a challenge. Often, keeping them indoors is already quite complicated because many distinct...
Kamerplanten beschermen tegen direct zonlicht

Protecting houseplants from direct sunlight

Did you already know that you can easily protect your beloved green tropical plants from direct sunlight by installing trendy and cool window cover...
Hoe krijg ik meer groen in huis?

How do I get more green in my home?

Ready to transform your home into a lush green haven? Whether you have a city apartment or a spacious country house, there are countless ways to ad...
3 redenen dat kamerplanten een luxe uitstraling aan de badkamer geven

3 redenen dat kamerplanten een luxe uitstraling aan de badkamer geven

Het toevoegen van tropische planten aan de badkamer kan direct een aanzienlijk verschil maken in de uitstraling en de sfeer van de ruimte. Hier zij...
Fysieke winkel voor zeldzame kamerplanten in het zuiden van Nederland

Physical store for rare houseplants in southern Netherlands

In 2005, Claessen Orchids and Plants opened its doors. From a hobby that had gotten out of hand, Rik Claessen was finally able to make his dream co...
Tips voor Variegata planten (Albo/Pink/Aurea/...)

Tips for Variegata plants (Albo/Pink/Aurea/...)

By now there are already hundreds, or even thousands of species of special tropical plants for the home. Whereas in the rainforest they are simply ...
Waarom heeft mijn orchidee bruine vlekken op de bladeren?

Why does my orchid have brown spots on the leaves?

Orchids are beautiful and elegant plants that add a touch of beauty and grace to any interior. But like other plants, orchids can sometimes experie...

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