Groeiende liefde: Symboliseer jouw waardering voor de vrouw met een duurzame orchidee of kamerplant

Growing love: symbolize your appreciation for women with a long-lasting orchid or houseplant

International Women's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate this special day than with a unique gift? While flowers are o...
Voorjaar: Het ideale moment om jouw kamerplant te verpotten

Spring: The ideal time to repot your houseplant

Spring is a magical season when nature awakens from its winter slumber. It's also the perfect time to give your green friends a fresh start. In thi...
Het voorjaar: Het ideale seizoen om te beginnen met plantenvoeding

Spring: The ideal season to start plant nutrition

Spring is not only the season of blooming flowers and singing birds, but also the perfect time to pamper your houseplants with proper nutrition. Wh...
Een blijvende herinnering aan liefde: De betovering van orchideeën op jouw Huwelijksdag

A lasting memory of love: The enchantment of orchids on your Wedding Day

Marriage, a day infused with love, joy and promises for the future. As couples prepare for this special day, choosing the perfect symbol of their l...
Roze miniatuur Phalaenopsis in watering can

The secret to orchid watering: All the tips for proper seasonal watering

Orchids are not only beautiful to look at, but they also require proper care. An essential aspect of that care is how you water them. It may seem s...
Groene voornemens voor een bloeiend 2024!

Green resolutions for a Blooming 2024!

2024 has started again with a wet week and then a very cold week in Europe. So gardening is not ideal during this period. So for lovers of all thin...
Paphiopedilum pinocchio "4N"

What does "4N" mean in the name of an orchid?

Our website occasionally features a number of orchids with the abbreviation "4N" behind them. Have you ever wanted to know what this means and why ...
Kamerplanten als decoratie voor Halloween?!

Houseplants as decoration for Halloween?!

It is almost the spookiest holiday of the year again: Halloween. In the run-up to this terrifying holiday, fun and exciting decorations are mostly ...
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