Welke kamerplanten kan ik als hangplant ophangen?

We are regularly asked whether a particular plant should actually climb or can also be hung in a hanging pot. There seems to be a lot of confusion about this in particular, because there are many types of plants, each with a different growth habit. Most plants that climb up along a stem as an epiphyte in the wild are already able to grow and adapt to the conditions they encounter. But what about this in the home with houseplants?

Tropical plants climb or hang?

A great example of a plant that can grow compactly, and thus be kept very easily as a hanging plant, is a Monstera adansonii (pictured). This plant is not only super cute to look at, but easily adapts to its surroundings. Put a moss pole against it and it will climb nicely. But in a hanging pot it actually feels good too. It will even then let its leaves hang down nicely. 

Hanging plants in the interior

So most houseplants can actually just be hung in a hanging pot. Thus, a hanging Anthurium veitchii or a Philodendron patriciae with long, dripping leaves can be a beautiful element in the living room. Moreover, you can then play a bit with layers and groupings of plants. And maybe that plant from your wish list will suddenly fit in after all. 

Hanging ornamental: Hoya linearis

A real, natural hanging plant like the Hoya linearis is of course one of the most special hanging plants around. A feast for the eyes. 


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