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Aerides houlletianaAerides houlletiana
Aerides houlletiana
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Aerides rosea "Big"Aerides rosea "Big"
Aerides rosea "Big"
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Aerides lawrenceae "Dumrong "Aerides lawrenceae "Dumrong "
Aerides lawrenceae "Dumrong "
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Aerides flabellataAerides flabellata
Aerides flabellata
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Aerides lawrenceae
Aerides lawrenceae
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Aerides Orchid: An air plant with spoiling flowers

Discover the meaning behind Aerides - the 'air plant', an orchid that grows in a similar way like the Vanda. The flowers of the Aerides develop in lush bunches that hang majestically on the plant, resulting in a breathtaking spectacle.

Features of the Aerides Orchid: color explosion and pleasant scent

  1. Colorful spectacle: Admire the visual festival of flowers in large bunches, the colors of which usually vary in white, purple and/or pink.
  2. Fragrant flowers: During flowering, the Aerides Orchids spread a pleasant scent, so that they are not only visually attractive, but also offer sensory pleasure.
  3. Wassy flowers: The flowers of the Aerides Orchids have a waxy texture, which further strengthens their aesthetic charm.

Alternative names and ideal placement: hanging splendor in the house

  1. Cat tail orchid or foxbrush Orchid: The Aerides is also known as the cat tail orchid or foxbrush Orchid, because of the long flower branches with countless decorative flowers.
  2. Ideal placement: This hanging beauty feels at home behind net curtains in indirect sunlight in the living room or in damp areas such as a bathroom. Pay attention when placing on the south, because the plant may be able to receive too much sunlight.

Enrich your living environment with the charm of the Aerides Orchid, an air plant that not only visually amazed, but also offers an olfactory pleasure. Discover the versatility of this beautiful orchid on this page.

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