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Amydrium ZippelianumAmydrium Zippelianum
Amydrium Zippelianum
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Amydrium Zippelianum (Leaf with stem cutting)Amydrium Zippelianum (Leaf with stem cutting)

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Care of Amydrium

Amydrium, an intriguing genus of climbing plants, requires careful attention to healthy growth and development. These plants thrive well in clear, indirect light and regularly need water to keep the soil moist. It is important to avoid excessive water to prevent root rot. A well -draining potting soil and occasional fertilization contribute to lush growth.

Origin of the amydrium

Amydrium, from the tropical rain forests of Asia and parts of the Pacific, represents a diversity of species with unique properties. These plants thrive in the moist, lush surroundings of their natural habitat and bring a touch of tropical splendor to inner spaces around the world.

Amydrium appearance

Discover the enchanting beauty of Amydrium with its lush, heart -shaped leaves and climbing growth. The Amydrium species offer a variety of leaf colors and textures, making them an attractive addition to any interior space. Whether it is the Amydrium medium with its striking green leaves or the Amydrium Zippelianum with its unique drawing, each variant brings a touch of exoticism and liveliness into the house.

Add a touch of tropical splendor to your living space with amydrium and discover why these climbing plants are so loved by lovers of greenery. View our range of Amydrium and be enchanted by their natural charm and elegance.

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