Monstera Thai Constellation

Monstera Thai Constellation

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Monstera Thai Constellation (14 cm pot)Monstera Thai Constellation (14 cm pot)
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Monstera Thai Constellation Big Size PlantMonstera Thai Constellation "Big Plant"
Monstera Thai Constellation "Big Plant"
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Monstera Thai Constellation "Baby Plant"Monstera Thai Constellation "Baby Plant"
Monstera Thai Constellation "Half Moon" (Small Size)Monstera Thai Constellation "Half Moon" (Small Size)
Monstera Thai Constellation "Highly variegated"Monstera Thai Constellation "Highly variegated"
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Monstera Thai Constellation "Almost full Moon" (3/4 leaves)Monstera Thai Constellation "Almost full Moon" (3/4 leaves)
Monstera Thai Constellation "Almost full Moon" (3/4 leaves)
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What is the Monstera Thai Constellation?

The Thai Constellation is a rare version of the Monstera Deliciosa, which gets a different type of pattern on the leaves through Varegata in the DNA than, for example, the well -known and popular Monstera deliciosa Variegata Albo. The varietal of a Monstera Thai Constellation is usually a bit more
Cream -colored and the stains seem to be spread earlier by a brush, creating a special heavenly pattern.

Unique characteristics and the origin of the Thai Constellation Plant

The Thai Constellation owes its name to the patterns on the leaves that look like stars. Moreover, this plant is mainly grown from Thailand, so that it carries the name "Thai".

Suitability for beginners: Monstera Thai Constellation vs. Monstera Deliciosa Albo Varegata

What also makes this plant fantastic for everyone is that despite the spots Variegata it is a very suitable beginner plant. The spots of the Thai burn a lot less quickly than those of the Monstera Deliciosa Albo Varegata. The ALBO version of this special tropical houseplant also has a different type of Variegata stains, which is more like brush strokes often.

Offer: Various sizes of the Monstera Thai

On this page there are various sizes Thai Constellation. This starts with the baby Thai; A seedling baby plant from the Monstera Thai Constellation, and it ends with the large size Monstera Thai Constellation "Big Plant" with growing growth for several years.

Care tips for a healthy Thai Constellation

The Monstera Thai Constellation is also a relatively easy houseplant that can usually be in any living room without too many adjustments. It is an extremely suitable plant for the inexperienced plant lover, because he is fairly tolerant when watering a little too late. Certainly if the plant is well rooted and a little older, this climbing plant will not react dramatically if the potting soil was a bit too dry. However, this houseplant keeps a little less from too long feet. Furthermore, this plant grows the best against a mospal or piece of wood, such as in nature.

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