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Oncidium varicosum "Balduin Black"Oncidium varicosum "Balduin Black"
Oncidium varicosum "Balduin Black"
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Oncidium calochilumOncidium calochilum
Oncidium calochilum
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Psychopsiella (oncidium) limmingheiPsychopsiella (oncidium) limminghei
Psychopsiella (oncidium) limminghei
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Oncidium Lillian Oka "Big Plant"Oncidium Lillian Oka "Big Plant"
Oncidium Lillian Oka "Big Plant"
Special price€26,95
Oncidium onustum “Big Plant"
Oncidium onustum “Big Plant"
Special price€16,95
Oncidium Sharry Baby "Sweet Fragrance" AM/AOSOncidium Sharry Baby "Sweet Fragrance" AM/AOS
Oncidium forbesii
Oncidium forbesii
Special price€13,95

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The name of this genus comes from the Greek word "onkos" (swelling), referring to the thickening on the lip. They consist of long, flat pseudobulbs bearing one or two leaves.
The flower stalks are usually very long and provide many small flowers. These flowers have a very distinctive, large lip and are usually yellow in color with or without red/brown markings.

The Oncidium is a distinct appearance and has typical characteristics. This orchid usually blooms between 6 and 8 weeks with proper care. The most common flower color in these orchids is yellow, but there are also species that have other colors.

Some Oncidiums not only have a very beautiful flower to look at, but they are also fragrant. In addition, there are even versions that have almost black colors in the flowers. Dark red or purple flowers are also common. This makes it a versatile orchid genus.

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