Psychopsis butterfly orchid


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Psychopsis papilio
Psychopsis papilio
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Psychopsis KalihiPsychopsis Kalihi
Psychopsis Kalihi
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Psychopsis ButterflyPsychopsis Butterfly
Psychopsis Butterfly
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Psychopsis Mariposa x Psy. limminghei
Psychopsis Mariposa Three LipPsychopsis Mariposa Three Lip
Psychopsis Mariposa Three Lip
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Psychopsis papilio alba
Psychopsis papilio alba
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The Psychopsis is a very unusual orchid to see. These flowers have 3 funny sprigs as petals at the top of the flower. Furthermore, the flowers often have a combination with the some of the following colors; yellow, white, red and orange.

In addition, this flowering tropical houseplant is a long-lasting bloomer that can bloom for as long as 1.5 to 3 months in good conditions. Moreover, this orchid can bloom several times a year.

A nickname of this orchid is the butterfly orchid, or "Butterfly Orchid," because this orchid has flowers shaped like a large butterfly. There are several orchids that have this nickname such as the Phalaenopsis. In particular, what distinguishes this flower from other orchids is its antenna-like petals and the unusual frayed large petals that resemble the wings of a butterfly.

Some Psychopsis have a subtle scent. So if you are looking for an unusual and distinct houseplant, but also particularly a fragrant orchid, this may be what you are looking for.

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