Stoere planten voor vaderdag

Father's Day is right around the corner. And coming up with a gift can sometimes be difficult. Especially if the garden is already full of beautiful plants. For the nature-loving father, special houseplants can offer a solution.

Flowering houseplants

The orchid is originally a plant that symbolizes reproduction and fertility. On a day like Father's Day, you can use an orchid as a beautiful symbol to show that you appreciate him being there for you. Besides, orchids don't have to be boring at all. There are lots of special colors and shapes of flowers. Feel free to check out our website for inspiration.

Sturdy antlers on the wall

If your father is not allowed by his wife to have game on the wall, but there is still a primeval man in him, then this type of plant can also be a solution. A plant called staghorn fern might be a good alternative for your father. 

This plant looks like deer antlers or elk antlers on the wall. It is a beautiful work of art to see and is a real eye-catcher in the room. 

Plants with large leaves

Plants like the Anthurium veitchii, Philodendron patriciae or the Philodendron billietiae are super cool plants that also look very cool. For example, it dresses up the mancave super nicely if there is a green gem like this in it. 

No idea what to give...

Check out our assortment for Father's Day inspiration, for example. Can't figure it out yourself? Then you can always give a gift certificate.


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