Tropische planten in de badkamer plaatsen: Inspiratie en tips

Many houseplants are placed in the living room by default, because it is often easy to adjust the climate here. However, it is often also quite easy to add some atmosphere and sense of relaxation to a bathroom with the help of beautiful tropical plants. There are a few things to consider here, but with both older and newer homes, it is often possible to make something nice out of it. Do you want to know how? Then read on soon!

3 Things to watch out for with plants in the bathroom

1. Sunlight

All plants need sunlight. Most tropical plants like to receive a lot of indirect sunlight. Filtering through window coverings, for example, can help prevent burning. 

2. Temperature

The temperature of the room determines the health of the plant. So it is important that there are no extreme temperature differences for the health of the plant. Most houseplants feel comfortable at a temperature of 18 to 26 degrees Celsius. 

However, always look at the needs of the plants you would like to place and if necessary adjust the climate in the bathroom accordingly.

3. Humidity & water

Clean water is important for both humans and plants. Yet the composition of our tap water is not always good to use for plants, as they can be much more sensitive to it. Too much lime or a skewed ratio of minerals in the water can cause tap water to affect plants in a short period of time. 

Using rainwater when watering the plants, or an additional water filtration system, can help when placing plants in the bathroom. 

In addition, good humidity in the bathroom contributes to the growth of a houseplant. In fact, creating a tropical climate is often easier in a bathroom than in a living room. And then you still have a bit of a zen feeling as you relax in your bathtub. Enjoying with tropical plants, wonderful!


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