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Show 1 - 24 from 1500 products
Monstera deliciosa Variegata alboMonstera deliciosa Variegata albo
Monstera deliciosa Variegata albo
Special price€57,95
Save €23,00
Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 2/3 leaves)Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 2/3 leaves)
Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 2/3 leaves)
Special price€46,95 Normal price€69,95
Save €10,00
Philodendron spiritus sancti (Small Plant 3 Leaves, few roots)Philodendron spiritus sancti (Small Plant 3 Leaves, few roots)
Philodendron spiritus sancti (Small Plant 3 Leaves, few roots)
Special price€69,95 Normal price€79,95
Hoya clemensiorum (2 Leaves)Hoya clemensiorum (2 Leaves)
Hoya clemensiorum (2 Leaves)
Special price€32,95
Save €16,00
Hoya thomsonii (3-5 Leaves)Hoya thomsonii (3-5 Leaves)
Hoya thomsonii (3-5 Leaves)
Special price€18,95 Normal price€34,95
Syngonium scrambled eggs
Syngonium scrambled eggs
Special price€49,95
Monstera Thai Constellation (14 cm pot)Monstera Thai Constellation (14 cm pot)
Monstera deliciosa borsigiana variegata aurea (2/3 Leaves)Monstera deliciosa borsigiana variegata aurea (2/3 Leaves)
Hoya Polyneura Variegated (Fish-Tail Hoya)Hoya Polyneura Variegated (Fish-Tail Hoya)
Save €6,00
Monstera peru variegataMonstera peru variegata
Monstera peru variegata
Special price€39,95 Normal price€45,95
Philodendron patriciae ''Small Leaves''Philodendron patriciae ''Small Leaves''
Hylocereus undatus "Dragon Fruit"Hylocereus undatus "Dragon Fruit"
Hylocereus undatus "Dragon Fruit"
Special price€21,95
Monstera minima variegated albo (3-5 leaves)Monstera minima variegated albo (3-5 leaves)
Save €10,00
Hoya undulata (3-4 Leaves)Hoya undulata (3-4 Leaves)
Hoya undulata (3-4 Leaves)
Special price€69,95 Normal price€79,95
Hoya deykeae (4-6 Leaves)Hoya deykeae (4-6 Leaves)
Hoya deykeae (4-6 Leaves)
Special price€18,95
Monstera adansonii variegated aurea (3-4 Leaves)Monstera adansonii variegated aurea (3-4 Leaves)
Platycerium ridleyiPlatycerium ridleyi
Platycerium ridleyi
Special price€69,95
Hoya Polyneura Variegated (Fish-Tail Hoya) Big PlantHoya Polyneura Variegated (Fish-Tail Hoya) Big Plant
Philodendron strawberry shake (Selection 1)Philodendron strawberry shake (Selection 1)
Save €30,00
Monstera deliciosa Variegata albo (5-6 leaves)Monstera deliciosa Variegata albo (5-6 leaves)
Monstera deliciosa Variegata albo (5-6 leaves)
Special price€99,95 Normal price€129,95
Save €7,00
Aglaonema Pictum TricolorAglaonema Pictum Tricolor
Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor
Special priceFrom €42,95 Normal price€49,95
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Explore exclusive tropical plants for your stylish living room

Discover a unique collection of tropical plants that are not only rare, but also add a refined style to your living room. While most plants in our webshop show standard photos and specifications are used as a guideline, this page offers an exclusive chance of admiring rare beauties that perfectly match your interior.

An elegant addition to your interior

Bring the natural splendor of tropical flora to your living space with our selection of stylish rare plants. Each item on this page has been carefully chosen to add a touch of luxury and refinement to your interior, creating an atmosphere of wealth and exclusivity.

A unique viewing experience

On this page you not only get a glimpse of the beauty of every plant, but also an extensive visual experience. Detailed photos and videos show how every plant comes into its own in a living room environment, so that you can make a well -considered choice that perfectly matches your style and taste.

Create a statement with rare plants

Make a statement in your living space with one of our exclusive tropical plants. Whether you are looking for a striking center or subtle accents, our collection offers a range of possibilities to beautify your interior and leave a lasting impression.

Quality and refinement

Every plant in our collection embodies the highest standards of quality and refinement. Carefully grown and selected, these rare specimens are a valuable addition to every living room. Enjoy the confidence that every plant in our collection is not only a feast for the eyes, but will also bring long -term beauty and joy to your house.

Discover the perfect plant for your living room

Enrich your living space with the timeless elegance of rare tropical plants. Browse our collection and find the perfect addition to your stylish interior. With our quality and exclusivity warranty, you are assured of a unique and refined addition to your home environment.

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