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Show 1 - 24 from 1500 products
Monstera deliciosa Variegata alboMonstera deliciosa Variegata albo
Monstera deliciosa Variegata albo
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Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 2/3 leaves)Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 2/3 leaves)
Philodendron Florida Beauty ( 2/3 leaves)
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Philodendron spiritus sancti (Small Plant 3 Leaves, few roots)Philodendron spiritus sancti (Small Plant 3 Leaves, few roots)
Philodendron spiritus sancti (Small Plant 3 Leaves, few roots)
Special price€69,95 Normal price€79,95
Hoya clemensiorum (2 Leaves)Hoya clemensiorum (2 Leaves)
Hoya clemensiorum (2 Leaves)
Special price€32,95
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Hoya thomsonii (3-5 Leaves)Hoya thomsonii (3-5 Leaves)
Hoya thomsonii (3-5 Leaves)
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Syngonium scrambled eggs
Syngonium scrambled eggs
Special price€49,95
Monstera Thai Constellation (14 cm pot)Monstera Thai Constellation (14 cm pot)
Monstera deliciosa borsigiana variegata aurea (2/3 Leaves)Monstera deliciosa borsigiana variegata aurea (2/3 Leaves)
Hoya Polyneura Variegated (Fish-Tail Hoya)Hoya Polyneura Variegated (Fish-Tail Hoya)
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Monstera peru variegataMonstera peru variegata
Monstera peru variegata
Special price€39,95 Normal price€45,95
Philodendron patriciae ''Small Leaves''Philodendron patriciae ''Small Leaves''
Hylocereus undatus "Dragon Fruit"Hylocereus undatus "Dragon Fruit"
Hylocereus undatus "Dragon Fruit"
Special price€18,95
Monstera minima variegated albo (3-5 leaves)Monstera minima variegated albo (3-5 leaves)
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Hoya undulata (3-4 Leaves)Hoya undulata (3-4 Leaves)
Hoya undulata (3-4 Leaves)
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Aglaonema Pictum TricolorAglaonema Pictum Tricolor
Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor
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Hoya deykeae (4-6 Leaves)Hoya deykeae (4-6 Leaves)
Hoya deykeae (4-6 Leaves)
Special price€18,95
Monstera adansonii variegated aurea (3-4 Leaves)Monstera adansonii variegated aurea (3-4 Leaves)
Platycerium ridleyiPlatycerium ridleyi
Platycerium ridleyi
Special price€69,95
Hoya Polyneura Variegated (Fish-Tail Hoya) Big PlantHoya Polyneura Variegated (Fish-Tail Hoya) Big Plant
Philodendron strawberry shake (Selection 1)Philodendron strawberry shake (Selection 1)
Save €30,00
Monstera deliciosa Variegata albo (5-6 leaves)Monstera deliciosa Variegata albo (5-6 leaves)
Monstera deliciosa Variegata albo (5-6 leaves)
Special price€99,95 Normal price€129,95

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Special house plants: a world full of variation

Philodendron: The heart -shaped beauty

The Philodendron, with its deep green, heart -shaped leaves, is known for its ability to transform every room into the house. This plant is not only a feast for the eyes, but also surprisingly easy in care. Perfect for both beginners and experienced plant lovers.

Monstera: the living artwork

No plant symbolizes the trend of special house plants better than the Monstera, also known as the hole plant. With its unique leaves that form natural works of art, the Monstera brings a piece of tropical paradise into your house. This plant is not only beautiful, but also purifies the air, which ensures a healthier living environment.

Why choose special house plants?

Unique appearance: Special house plants, such as Philodendron and Monstera, add a unique element to your interior.

Air purifying:
Many of these tropical beauties improve the air quality in the house.

Mental health: It has been proven that taking care of plants reduces stress and contributes to a feeling of well -being.

How do you take care of your special house plants?

Taking care of special house plants is easier than you think. Ensure sufficient indirect light, keep the earth slightly moist, but
Avoid flooding. With regular love and attention, these tropical beauties will reward you with their growth and splendor.

Find your perfect plant

Discover our extensive collection of special house plants and find the perfect green supplement for your house. Whether you fall for the charm
From a Philodendron or the impressive leaves of a monstera, we have the plant that fits your style. Start your green adventure today and transform your house into a lively oasis of peace and beauty.

Enrich your house with our special house plants and let your interior come to life. Browse our collection, choose your favorites, and step into the world of green happiness. Your home deserves the best of nature. Discover it now!

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